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Largest asset manager in the world relies on Bitcoin – 08/20/21

Blackrock has invested nearly $ 400 million in the stocks of bitcoin companies. By Matthias Fischer

The US investment company Blackrock has invested heavily in companies that operate Bitcoin mining. As the finance portal Yahoo! finance reports with reference to documents from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Blackrock, based in New York, has a 6.71 percent stake in Marathon Digital Holdings and 6.61 percent in Riot Blockchain. The total amount of investments was accordingly in the second quarter of 2021 at 383 million US dollars (around 328 million euros).

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According to the information, the investments are spread across a number of Blackrock mutual funds and index funds (ETFs). Just a few weeks ago, the US asset manager Fidelity announced that it had also invested in Marathon Digital. After the crash a few weeks ago, the Bitcoin price rose significantly again and also pulled the prices of other crypto currencies upwards.

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