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Heid Klum reveals: She’s obsessed with it

Some collect stamps, others coins or teacups. Heidi Klum also has a passionate obsession, as she has now revealed to her fans on Instagram. The top model has a special preference.

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Who would have thought? Heidi Klum not only has one heart made of stone, but several. She has a particular fondness for stones. But not just any, but heart-shaped ones. The 48-year-old now revealed this to her 8.4 million fans on Instagram. She is obsessed with looking for heart-shaped stones all over the world.

“I already have over 1,000 of them,” she said of her passion for collecting. In addition, the “Germany’s next top model” boss posted a photo of herself and that object of desire online. She holds the heart-shaped stone in front of her right eye. She also wears a hat and appears to be on the beach. If you can afford almost anything, it might be exciting to look for rare things that you come across in nature.

It is not known how the millions of Heidi Klum fans react to their revelation. The US emigrant has issued the comment function under her posts on Instagram for some time.

This is what other celebrities collect

Incidentally, Heidi Klum is not alone among celebrities with her passion for collecting. Hollywood star Tom Hanks, for example, is said to collect typewriters. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is said to have a passion for images inspired by insects and actress Angelina Jolie loves knives and first editions of books.

Singer Janet Jackson is apparently into pig figures and Johnny Depp is crazy about Barbie dolls. Mimin Amanda Seyfried has a rather unusual love for collecting. She should actually have a soft spot for stuffed animals. Stones are almost a modest collector’s item.

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