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Cheap cryptocurrencies? – You should invest in these 2 coins!


The crypto bull market is in full swing. The alpha animals Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as other popular Alt-Coins such as Cardano, XRP and Polkadot are now pumping upwards. Many investors now think that they have missed their chance for a cheap investment. But there are still cheap cryptocurrencies that you can invest in. We’ll tell you the 2 best.

Which coins are already pumping and are no longer cheap?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently on a solid upward trend. Investing in both coins is certainly not going to go wrong. You have to decide for yourself whether it is worthwhile for you to buy in the bull market now or to wait for a bearish scenario and then invest cheaply.

Other alt coins have seen extreme spikes. These include, above all, Cardano / ADA, Ripple / XRP, Solana and, most recently, Polkadot. It could be that you have now missed the time to buy. We advise you to be patient here, as it is likely that these coins will experience periods of weakness again due to their volatility. However, there are also cheap cryptocurrencies that you can still invest in.


Cheap cryptocurrencies – UniSwap

UniSwap is currently a rather cheap cryptocurrency. UniSwap hit resistance at $ 30 on August 10 and has since fallen to $ 26. There was support there and the price went back above $ 28. In the last few weeks, UniSwap rose steadily even before the start of the bull market.

UniSwap experienced a huge hype as the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) in 2021. The user base of UniSwap is increasing every day and so the rate is also growing continuously. Due to the $ 30 resistance, UniSwap was not yet able to benefit as much from the current bull market. This could change soon. At the moment the UniSwap Token is one of the cheap cryptocurrencies.

Cheap cryptocurrencies – VeChain

VeChain has established itself as a reliable public blockchain solution for companies in recent years. VeChain relies on the complete transparency of company processes. For example, blockchain technology can be used to individually track the manufacture of a product from manufacture to delivery.

I had already given VeChain a mention among the undervalued cryptocurrencies. The price of the VET token has risen solidly in the last few days. Nevertheless, the course is still undervalued. With the new type of consensus mechanism SURFACE (PoA 2.0), VeChain has technically taken blockchain to the next level. A further rise in price during the course of the bull market is very likely.

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