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Aquaman 2: After Johnny Depp’s decision, Amber Heard’s role should be smaller


After a sensational trial in London, the career of “Aquaman 2” star Amber Heard could also be seriously damaged. More on this on Netzwelt.

Amber Heard as Mera in "Aquaman"

Amber Heard as Mera in “Aquaman” (Source:

  • Johnny Depp loses in court in London and has to leave the Fantastic Beasts franchise.
  • But the image of Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard is also damaged after the trial.
  • Her role in the upcoming DC film “Aquaman 2” is to be reduced as a result.

Over the summer, a lawsuit in London between “Fantastic Beasts” star Johnny Depp and “Aquaman” star Amber Heard caused plenty Gossip, gossip and headlines in the film world. Johnny Depp was ultimately unable to convince the judge of his innocence in relation to alleged domestic violence and, as a direct consequence, at the request of the Warner Bros. leave the Fantastic Beasts series.

But in one “Lose-Lose Situation” Amber Heard’s career could now also suffer considerable damage from the process and the dirty laundry that was washed abundantly in it: Her role in the upcoming DCEU film “Aquaman 2” is supposed to be, according to a Hollywood insider can be significantly reduced:

Journalist and YouTuber Grace Randolph (“Beyond the Trailer”) was the first to report on this new development: In the London trial, there were negative aspects of Heard’s lifestyle such as Alcohol and drug abuse to daylight. The image of the actress is therefore permanently damaged and the upcoming DC film “Aquaman 2” is after all a family-friendly superhero blockbuster.

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Can producing studio Warner Bros. take the risk of keeping Heard playing such a big role? But for Warner Bros. there is also a certain danger here punish a victim of domestic violence – a real dilemma!

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