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Anne Hathaway wears the perfect hairstyle for thin hair

Anne Hathaway wears three different dresses to the “Locked Down” premiere and the ideal hairstyle for thin hair

Anne Hathaway has proven once before that you don’t need a red carpet to show off a great dress, she only wore one dress to her first premiere during the lockdown; this time she took advantage of the home and wore three different dresses and looked gorgeous in them.

The protagonist of “The Witches” (2020) has uploaded photos of her premiere looks to her Instagram account. In addition to the great clothes, we especially admire her hairstyle that fits perfectly with her looks and because it is so easy to replicate (even at home).

Anne Hathaway teaches us (once again) lessons in style and beauty.

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This hairstyle for thin hair was worn by Anne Hathaway at the “Locked Down” premiere

With her couture dresses, she wore a high ponytail that reached just below the nape of the neck, with a little teased volume at the base and a pony that was pinned to the side – a simple look that does not lose any of its charm, especially because of the details turn him off.

For the glamorous touch, Anne Hathaway wore her ponytail with crepe waves, which also gave her the necessary volume and upgraded the look from ordinary to a red carpet style. Add to this her bangs, which perfectly frame the face.

The hairstyle for every occasion that looks great even with fine hair

When we think of ponytails, we usually associate them with sports or everyday looks. The truth is that even without her lipstick, eyeliner and dress, Anne Hathaways would still look gorgeous because of her natural glamor. Thanks to her, the ponytail asserts its place as an “all-round” hairstyle that we can fall back on occasionally, especially when it comes to straight, fine hair.

Anne Hathaway on the red carpet with her hair down.

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If we take a closer look at the look below, we can see that it is ideal for women with fine or very straight hair as it adds volume to the ponytail in a very discreet way. To do this, the hair is pinned up a bit at the nape of the neck and the face is framed with a few loose strands and the long bangs.

If you want to recreate the look at home, you will need a small amount of styling cream or hairspray. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to recreate the look. Just make sure you brush your hair well, use a hair elastic the same color as your hair color, and style small crepe waves in your ponytail to give it the volume it needs that gives it that subtle glamor touch that always keeps it looks good.

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