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After “Bad Moms 2” comes part 3: But different than expected


After “Bad Moms 2” comes part 3: But different than expected

What comes after "Bad Moms 2"?  So will "Bad Moms 3".

What comes after “Bad Moms 2”? This is how “Bad Moms 3” becomes.

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Updated: 05/13/2021 – 8:02 pm

After “Bad Moms 2” it is far from over. But “Bad Moms 3” is very different than expected. That is known so far.

The 2016 comedy “Bad Moms” was a surprise. The film with Mila Kunis, Kathryn Han and Kristen Bell was extremely well received by the audience and so it is no surprise that barely a year later “Bad Moms 2“(2017) hit the big screen. Many fans are now wondering where”Bad Moms 3The movie is coming, but it comes with a little surprise.

“Bad Moms 3” becomes “Bad Mom’s Moms”

Warning, spoilers for “Bad Moms 2” follow: In the sequel to “Bad Moms” and Mila Kunis (Amy), Kathryn Han (Carla) and Kristen Bell (Kiki), a turbulent Christmas was celebrated. It was there that the mothers of moms appeared for the first time: Susan Sarandon as Carla’s mother, Christine Baranski as Amy’s mother and Cheryl Hines as Kiki’s mother. And as the title suggests, these three women will also be featured in “Bad Mom’s Moms”. It’s kind of like “Bad Moms 3”, but strictly speaking it’s a spin-off.

A spin-off is a kind of “offshoot” of a previous film. This means that well-known characters, stories and / or sets from the original film are adopted. Usually, however, a spin-off concentrates on certain characters – as in this case, for example, the respective mothers of the bad moms.

However, a spin-off instead of a “real” sequel does not rule out the fact that the female trio of the two original films will not also make one or the other appearance. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

“Bad Moms 3”: That’s what “Bad Mom’s Moms” could be about

Attention: There are spoilers for “Bad Moms 2”

It is not yet known what “Bad Moms 3” or the spin-off will be about. But the second part ends with the grandmothers announcing a trip to Las Vegas together. A trip to the gambling metropolis is therefore quite conceivable.

Filmmakers Scott Moore and Jon Lucas, who wrote and directed both “Bad Moms” films, should be very familiar with Las Vegas. After all, they also wrote the script for the bachelorette party comedy “Hangover” (2009).

For the waiting time: film tips for you

It is not yet clear when “Bad Moms 3” or “Bad Mom’s Moms” will be released. There has been no new information since the announcement in 2019. While you wait for production to progress, you can enjoy other fun comedies: Here you will find the funniest Ben Stiller films. And these eight Adam Sandler films are better than their reputation. If you are stressed out, these 15 good mood films can certainly help to brighten your mood. Each work was critically selected by us and is by no means a run-of-the-mill comedy.

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