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6ix9ine against all: Cardi B becomes the newest target

Getting regular virality through disses and other actions is known to be no problem for 6ix9ine. While his focus in the last few months was still on Lil Durk and he then instigated Meek Mill Beef – both still in progress, by the way – he has now apparently declared none other than Cardi B to be the target of his taunts.

6ix9ine disses Cardi via Instagram Poll

6ix9ine addresses its fans on Instagram via poll with the answer options “Yes / No” and asks provocatively:

“If I went to the hotel with women and then drugged and robbed them, would I be canceled?”

“If I took women to hotels, drugged them, and then robbed them, would I be canceled?”

Although he didn’t mention any names in his post yesterday, rap fans will of course immediately know who he is referring to. Whether there was a current trigger for this remains unclear – the rapper’s statements were already two years ago. It refers to an Instagram livestream from Cardi B from March 2019, in which she publicly admitted to having drugged and robbed customers. They tried to get the then stripper for Sex to pay. The rapper’s statement had already been discussed controversially at the time – so it’s no wonder that the topic is still popular and that 6ix9ine is again bringing the corresponding publicity

Cardi has not responded so far

Cardi B has not yet commented on 6ix9ine’s public taunts against her. She may not have to because she said in a Twitter statement back then:

“I have the things that I live in this [Video] said I never glorified, I don’t even address it in my music because I’m not proud of it and feel obliged not to glorify it. ”

“I never glorified the things I brought up in that live , I never even put those things in my music because I’m not proud of it and feel a responsibility not to glorify it. “

Still, it remains exciting to see whether Cardi will just let the whole thing sit on her or not – after all, she is also known for her public reactions to allusions to her person.

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