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Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse present WL Crypto Payments in Switzerland

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Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse have launched an omnichannel solution for payments in crypto currencies for the more than 85,000 Swiss merchants in the Worldline network. All retailers in Switzerland who use Worldline’s payment services either at the POS or via e-commerce should enable customers to pay via Bitcoin and Ether. The whole thing works in a similar way to classic fiat currencies.

D.he Bitcoin as the world’s most widespread and most popular crypto currency has made headlines in recent years, especially as an investment. There were and still are application scenarios at retailers to use cryptos as a means of payment. Thanks to the partnership between Worldline as a European provider in the field of payment and transaction services, and Bitcoin Suisse, Provider of crypto financial services, payments with crypto currencies will be used more frequently for merchants and their customers in Switzerland in the future.

With WL Crypto Payments, the integrated payment service system from Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse, merchants can accept Bitcoin and Ether as payment options both at the point of sale (POS) and in online trading. You can either download the WL Crypto Payments app directly or, according to the provider, easily install a Worldline Payment Plugin for your online shop. This should be compatible with the common shop systems and payment implementations.

Pay with Bitcoin – this is how it works

Customers who want to pay with crypto currency use their usual mobile crypto wallet app. For the prices given by the dealer in Swiss francs, the real-time rates in Bitcoin or Ether are displayed at the customer’s request. Payment is made in the cryptocurrency and is immediately confirmed by the merchant. WL Crypto Payments enables merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies without being exposed to a greater risk of volatility, as the crypto transaction is converted into Swiss francs immediately after confirmation.

Because in the past that was probably one of the most important reasons why the implementation of crypto-payments caused difficulties in practice: Merchants could not be sure that the amount would also be the same for the accounting period – an advantage with rising prices, at the same time but also a risk with downward fluctuations. Furthermore, merchants benefit from processing in Swiss francs and the bundled payouts with other means of payment, such as credit cards.

The collaboration between Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse in the field of cryptocurrencies was first announced in November 2019. Before it was introduced to all Worldline merchants, WL Crypto Payments was tested in a pilot program in Switzerland.


The acceptance of crypto currencies as a means of payment at the POS in Switzerland strengthens our ambitions: Worldline strives to generate concrete added value for all retailers worldwide and to facilitate smooth and modern payment in all markets in which we are active. “

Marc Schluep, CEO of Worldline Switzerland

This is a historic milestone for the acceptance of crypto currencies in Switzerland and beyond. This step once again proves Switzerland’s leading position in the field of collaborative innovation and its pioneering role in the crypto and blockchain industry. “

Arthur Vayloyan, CEO of Bitcoin Suissepartly

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