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We shouldn’t shower more than two or three times a week

Showering or bathing is part of the daily routine for most of us.  Should we change that?

Showering or bathing is part of the daily routine for most of us. Should we change that?

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Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal recently caused a sensation with his admission that he didn’t shower that often. But is the daily shower really that necessary or should we skip it for the sake of our skin?

It’s a crazy world we live in – and obviously a pretty pungent one. Because after Jake Gyllenhaal recently told in a video that he does not take it very seriously with the daily shower, a lot of his colleagues rushed to his help and agreed with him: Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Mila Kunis, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson. None of them think much of showering off every day.

Which leads us to the question: is it us and not they who are doing something wrong? In addition to the time savings, more than just one celebrity referred to the benefits for the skin if you do not constantly deprive it of its own oils with soap. Nobody was ready for a self-experiment. So we asked a dermatologist for an assessment: Do we all shower too much?

Stop the water!

To make it short: yes. Dr. med. Johannes Gutwald works in Zurich as a doctor for dermatology and venereology and clarifies when asked: “In our latitudes, it is perfectly sufficient for the average consumer with an office job and a normal level of activity to shower two to three times a week.” Does that mean we have to remove a Rihanna-style video from our wish-list forever in which different people freak out for a minute about how good we smell?

Not quite: “Of course, that doesn’t mean that you simply turn off hygiene in between. Heavily sweating areas such as the armpits, the genital and anal areas and the feet should be washed daily, for example with a washcloth. ” Dr. med Gutwald recommends using soap for your armpits and feet. Warm water is sufficient for the genital area. And that the face and neck should be cleaned and groomed daily, we don’t need to mention, do we?


Our thoughts inevitably wander to Jason Momoa, Dwayne Johnson or Michael B. Jordan, who belong to the opposing camp of people who refuse to wash. They sometimes shower up to three times a day and are happy to share this fact with us on social media.

Chris Evans even went viral with a video saying he is very clean and keeps showering:

What are the risks for those who overdo it? «As a matter of principle, showering dries out the skin. We feel this especially in the colder months: Due to the low humidity, our body struggles to maintain its moisture level. If the skin comes into contact with water, as in the shower, it evaporates and removes even more moisture. Insensitive skin types may hardly notice this. Dry or sensitive skin quickly starts to itch. It is unconsciously scratched up and eczema forms, which must be treated. ” Ouch. We take a quick look in the closet to see if it still has a washcloth …

And after the workout?

Last question: how about the shower after exercising? “Of course, like normal showering, it is there now and then. In the same way, the body can be washed with a washcloth and freed from sweat after exercise. ” According to the expert, one thing is particularly important: “If you wash or shower in the evening, you don’t have to start over with hot water the next morning. The morning ritual, of which the shower is part of many of us, is absolutely not necessary from a hygiene point of view. “

Okay Gyllenhall, you won. We just want to hope that the washcloth is close at hand by the sink and is used every day.

What is your opinion on the celebrities who like to turn off the water? Let us know in the comments!

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