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Nilam Farooq’s boyfriend: does the actress have a partner?

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Nilam Farooq's boyfriend: does the actress have a partner?

Yvonne Karnathon 08/19/2021 | 12:54 pm

Nilam Farooq is known to many by the nickname “daaruum”. The former YouTuber and current actress is in great demand, but does she have a boyfriend?

The Berliner Nilam Farooq was already able to celebrate great successes at a young age. The former YouTuber can now hardly be imagined without television. With millions of viewers on YouTube, she could quickly gain an audience, but that wasn’t enough for her. Meanwhile, Nilam is also extremely successful as an actress. In addition to “SOKO Leipzig”, she also played a few supporting roles in “Tatort”, among others. She not only inspires with her talent, but also with her appearance, so that the men have to stand in line, right?

Does Nilam have a boyfriend? Your private life remains private!

Although Nilam spent part of her life in public, she wanted to keep her private life as secret as possible. For this reason, there is currently no information about their love life. So your fans only have to wait and see if the actress reveals more in the future. So as far as the public goes, Nilam Farooq is single. In any case, nothing is known about her relationship so far. Either way, Nilam is a woman with ambitious goals, who shows us that being single in her 30s isn’t bad at all.

Nilam Farooq: A woman with an exciting career

Nilam Farooq that often too “The German Mila Kunis” was born on September 26, 1989 in Berlin, where she still lives today. In 2010 she started her YouTube channel under the name “daaruum” with lifestyle and beauty videos, which quickly brought her an audience. While still on YouTube, she started a career as an actress, with which she can be seen successfully in various roles to this day. In 2017, she gave up her channel and thus her career on YouTube in order to have more time for new projects, such as the start-up “Ellevant”, and can use her success story as a role model to motivate other potential founders.

The German actress Nilam Farooq is not only successful, but also beautiful. So it’s no wonder that we wonder whether she’s currently in a relationship or not. However, after our research we have to say that there is no information and we therefore assume that Nilam is single. In any case, she managed to use her successful YouTube career as a springboard. We’ll tell you what it takes to to become a successful YouTuber.

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