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I beg your pardon? Anne Hathaway now wants to be called differently

With their performances in films like “The Devil Wears Prada” or “Suddenly Princess” Anne Hathaway (38) became world famous. In her private life, too, things are going really well for the actress: She has been married to actor Adam Shulman (39) since 2012. In 2016, the first son of the Hollywood dream couple saw the light of day, and the family has been four for a little over a year. Now betrayed Anne quite surprising that only one family member calls her by her real name!

Last Tuesday, the native New Yorker stated in the “The Tonight Show” to presenter Jimmy Fallon (46) that she made a big mistake at the beginning of her career. During her first commercial shoot at the age of 14, the beauty was asked under which name she wanted to work. Didn’t need it Anne at that time her maiden name was given. But as the 38-year-old now explained, she regrets this decision today very much: “The only person who ever met me Anne calls is my mother. Please call me Annie “, she asked the viewers of the TV show.

Because her mom only ever Anne say that if she was mad at the brunette, she would always flinch inside when someone shouted for her in public, she explained her motivation for the request to call her Annie in the future. “In truth, no one is comfortable with me Anne to call”she finally revealed.

Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway, American actress
Anne Hathaway in October 2020

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