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From horror films to romance: the perfect films for every zodiac sign

We got along with our Horoscope expert Beatrice Predan-Hallabrin put them together and looked once to see which characteristics belong to the zodiac signs and then selected a film that the corresponding women and men should watch once, if they want, of course.


Capricorns are by themselves rather rational people who think practically and have their life under control in a well-organized manner. But they also have the quality of appreciating delicious food. So the movie “Kiss the Cook” suits them pretty well. Jon Favreau plays the star chef Carl Casper, who at some point gives up his exhausting job as a gourmet chef in order to find his true happiness with a food truck. A comedy about how to get your life on track and become happy that really touches your heart.


To be Aquarius essentially means two things: ingenuity and fun in new things as well as communicative cooperation with friends. Since charisma also plays a big role for this zodiac sign, we recommend a film with Robert Downey Jr.: “Sherlock Holmes” from 2009. The tech-savvy master detective comes along with a lot of charm and solves crimes with so much brainpower that it’s just fun power.


A creatively disposed stone sign that likes to dream its way into foreign worlds and attaches great importance to music. There is clearly only one choice: “Can a song save your life?” The gorgeous romantic comedy starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo should be watched by everyone. She plays a sad musician, he gets to know her as a producer and then it sparks a lot. Free of clichés and with a gifted soundtrack.


The enthusiastic, energetic Aries has a lot of temperament but can also get bored quickly. No problem: “Victoria” is the perfect film. A harmless party night in Berlin turns into a dark action story. The special feature: Everything turned in one piece without cutting. Just the thing!


Taurus are more traditional and reliable, but good food also plays an important role in this zodiac sign. How nice that there is “Im Rausch der Sterne”. The film with Bradley Cooper shows a crashed super chef who has to work all the way to the top. A no-frills film and weird artful attitude – a direct drama with lots of delicious food.


Talking and having fun are very important to Gemini. You are curious and creative. A wonderful love story is just the thing. With “don’t forget mine!” All sorts of things happen that you would never expect. Jim Carrey plays a dramatic role as Joel, who wants to erase his ex-girlfriend from his memory with a machine. One of the best films of the 2000s – no question about it.


Highly empathic people who like to take care of others and to whom the past is very important. What could be better than the romance “Like a Single Day” with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. As young people, the two spend a brief moment together on a summer vacation. Many years later they find each other and it still crackles, but not without problems. A wonderful film about the power of the past.


Not at all easy for people with a lot of self-confidence and a tendency to ambition to find the right film. But since they enjoy beautiful things a lot, we are happy to agree on “The Bling Ring” with Emma Watson. She and her gang break into the houses and wardrobes of the super-rich in the dramedy, take photos and let things go. Their “we-own-the-world” mentality puts you in a good mood and is highly contagious.


Hach the orderly, perfectionist virgins. Who doesn’t love her But since analytical thinking is also one of them, let’s decide on a thriller with a big secret to puzzle over: “Gone Girl”. Ben Affleck is accused of murdering his own wife, right? In any case, it has disappeared but has left clues. Perfectly played and staged. It fits.


They love harmony, justice and are accordingly diplomatic. But they also love art and we would like to recommend a harmonious film about art: “Midnight in Paris”. With the help of Marion Cotillard, the American Owen Wilson travels into the past of Paris and learns an important lesson about nostalgia. Clever dialogues and beautiful people.


A zodiac sign that is said to have detective skills with a penchant for psychology and mysteries. Here we lean far out of the window (sorry scorpions) and choose a top horror film: “Sinister” is not only scary, but also an exciting puzzle. Star-studded with Ethan Hawke in the lead role. Anyone who dares will only have fun.


A versatile zodiac sign that comes along with optimism and a love of adventure, as well as attaching great importance to your own worldview. Therefore, the adventure film “The Amazing Life of Walter Mitty” is just the ticket. Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty, who is constantly daydreaming because he manages a large photo archive. Then circumstances force him to look for the photographer in Greenland. The life that Walter opens up is almost unbelievable.

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