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Daniel Craig Collects Millions, Only “Peanuts” Remain for Batman

In a new report, the fees of the Hollywood stars were disclosed. Even in times of streaming, some high millions are dusted off.

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There was a time when Hollywood’s top actors surpassed each other on film-to-film fees. Even more than today, famous names and familiar faces were the most important sales arguments. Stars like Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Jim Carrey were reason enough to run to the cinema.

In the age of streaming services and series, this has moved into the background. In contrast, the exorbitantly high fees that some collect for participating in a project have not changed. Scarlett Johansson, for example, as Disney revealed in a reaction to her “Black Widow” lawsuit, collected the US $20 million for her probably the last appearance as Black Widow, not counting her percentage of the revenue.

For “Cable Guy” Jim Carrey collected an unbelievable 20 million US dollars in 1996 and a percentage share of 15 percent of the revenues. You can stream the film on Disney +.

The 36-year-old is in illustrious company: In a report, Variety revealed the fees of a total of 17 actors. The surprising thing is that they collect the highest fees for films that were / are either produced exclusively for streaming services or that were originally produced for the cinema and then switched to a streaming service.

Still-Bond Daniel Craig cashes in big thanks to the “Knives Out” sequels

The thing is, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime not only pay the stars a high fee in advance, but also combine this with a further sum that should roughly correspond to what the stars also receive in the form of a percentage stake in the cinema Would have received income. This results in much higher amounts.

According to the report Noch-Bond Daniel Craig collects the highest fee in this form with an incredible 100 million US dollars for the two sequels to Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out”. Close behind, but only at half the fee, is Dwayne Johnson, who receives 50 million US dollars from Amazon Studios for his Christmas film “Red One”. Will Smith (“King Richard”), also here as a producer, and Denzel Washington (“The Little Things”) earned 40 million US dollars each. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence received a whopping 30 and 25 million US dollars for Adam McKay’s Netflix comedy “Don’t Look Up”.

The film veterans Sandra Bullock (20 million US dollars for “The Lost City of D”), Brad Pitt (20 million US dollars for “Bullet Train”), Tom Cruise (13 million US dollars for “Top Gun: Maverick”) and Chris Pine (11.5 million US dollars for “Dungeons and Dragons”). However, their respective films will be shown exclusively in the cinema, the percentage of participation will then be added to the fee already paid.

The case of Robert Pattinson is also interesting: for his appearance as the Dark Knight in “The Batman”, he is said to collect just three million US dollars. That sounds like very little, but since the “Twilight” days Pattinson has primarily been at home in independent cinema, where the fees are low anyway. And: If “The Batman” turns out to be a success, one can safely assume that Pattinson’s market value will increase massively.

The question that arises here is: How can Netflix and Co. keep these high fees in the long term when they have to provide more and more constant and cost-intensive replenishment of content in the fierce competition for the favor of viewers?

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