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Chinese horoscope tiger 08/19/2021 free

Such is the tiger in the Chinese horoscope

It is difficult to judge a tiger because the loners are not so easy to look at in the maps. But the Chinese zodiac sign can still be very soulful and sensitive when it comes to their loved ones. For the tiger-born, his thirst for freedom is always about being able to realize himself. But if he has closed a person in his generous heart, he will not only show his affection openly, but also always be there for him.

Who fits the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger

Almost equally passionate adventurers and romantic connoisseurs, the tiger will always be an honest contemporary when it comes to love and partnership. Because he shows his feelings and will defend himself against all hypocrisy on this point. However, he will not express himself in dramatic emotional outbursts and instead rather waste no time flirting and making love.

The horse will be the right partner for the adventurous tiger, because with this Chinese zodiac he can conquer the world and satisfy his unspeakable curiosity for great experiences. In addition, both signs are characterized by the same restlessness.

But the dog can also be the right partner for the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger. Because the dog-born understands like no other sign to give the tiger partner the necessary space. This connection will be extremely harmonious and lasting.

Chinese zodiac tiger man

The tiger man sees love as a delightful game in which he is very emotional and passionate. With his charming charisma, he will always go down well with the opposite sex. But the tiger-born, looking for adventure and variety, will not allow himself to be narrowed down.

However, if he has decided on a woman at his side, the Tiger man will do everything to create a harmonious partnership. His loved ones should not lack anything, although he can never and will never completely give up his thirst for freedom. But giving up the family is out of the question for him.

Chinese zodiac tiger woman

A Tiger woman prefers men who can offer her variety and who also have enough temperament and energy to keep up with her. So she knows very well what she wants. She also knows how to make her partner happy. However, it will never allow itself to be narrowed.

As soon as she lives in a partnership, the otherwise adventurous Tiger woman usually becomes a cuddly and loving companion. However, there will always have to be variety, otherwise she may reorient herself and fall in love with another person.

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