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Camila Cabello: She’s back from her social media break with a brand new project!

Camila Cabello (23) made a touching appearance at the 2020 Grammys that her fans will remember for a long time. With her beautiful declaration of love to her father, she certainly not only moved him to tears. After this special evening, however, it was quiet about the successful singer with Cuban roots. She even completely disappeared from social networks, there was no news from the 23-year-old. And that at a time when her love for singer Shawn Mendes (21) keeps making headlines. The fans were getting restless. But now there is the all-clear, because Camila Cabello reported back!

Camila Cabello back on Instagram

After her abstinence from social media, the friend of musician Shawn Mendes now reports back to her fans on Instagram with a real hammer message. Because, according to “”, her break had a good reason: Camila had to recharge her batteries, and that is not possible for her when she is in the world of social media. She just feels overwhelmed by all the virtual content and then needs time for herself, she explained. You can understand that!

The beautiful half-Cuban woman can also use the energy she filled up during her break, because she is currently working on a very special project: Among other things, she stands for a new music video for her song “my oh my” in front of the camera and shows a few pictures from the set of the shoot in her post. There she can be seen in various roles, in stunning costumes, in which she is staged as a real femme fatale. In one photo she looks like Marilyn Monroe, in another she wears a sexy animal print outfit. After these photos, the fans should be very excited about the result of the shoot!

Camila stars in a Disney film

The singer has also landed a mega-deal for the lead role in the new “Disney” film adaptation of “Cinderella”. She is currently in front of the camera in London and breathes new life into the well-known fairy tale character. From the (still) mysterious video shoot, in which she slips into different roles, to the character from childhood – Camila Cabello seems to have every role and is unstoppable!

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