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Billie Eilish: homophobia allegations against alleged boyfriend – singer reacts

Billie Eilish’s fans find their supposed partner highly problematic. Image: Screenshot / Instagram / billieeilish

Fans express serious allegations against the alleged friend of Billie Eilish – the singer reacted

Billie Eilish’s fans sound the alarm about her alleged new partner, Matthew Vorce. Only recently the singer caused confusion about her sexuality: In the new music video for “Lost Cause” she dances with a group of women in light clothes, and a short time later even wrote on Instagram for set photos: “I love girls”. But new pictures of the “Bad Guy” interpreter seem to prove that that was not a coming-out. They show them hand in hand with Matthew Vorce at Disneyland.

Some disappointed followers said afterwards that they had done queerbaiting with their music video, so just pretending to be bisexual or lesbian, with the purpose of getting the LGBTQ community excited about themselves. Now another circumstance is causing trouble: Some fans are especially going on the barricades because Billie’s alleged new friend is said to have posted racist and homophobic tweets years ago.

Serious allegations against Matthew Vorce

Matthew Vorce gained notoriety in the US with a few horror film roles. He appeared in “Little Monsters”, “Dark House” and “Mother” and is ten years older than Billie. Since the end of April, the two have been discovered by paparazzi again and again and are said to have appeared to be familiar with each other.

Quite a few followers assume that Matthew could be the “secret friend” she mentions in the 2021 documentary “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry”.

However, after the latest photos of the two, Billie’s fan base claims to have found several-year-old tweets and Facebook comments in which the actor has insulted women, the LGBTQ community and people of color in the sharpest way.

The authenticity of the screenshots showing the tweets and comments has not been confirmed and it is also unclear whether they could have been taken out of context in any way. Nevertheless, they are currently spreading on social media in no time at all. However, neither Matthew nor Billie have yet commented on the controversy.

However, there was a small reaction from the 19-year-old Grammy winner to the renewed Shitstorm. One fan wrote furiously: “This fan base is so embarrassing at times. Why write something in someone else’s comments when you have no idea if these things are true or if you literally made it all up? Sometimes you’re all really so stupid. Some of you should really learn to mind your own business. “Billie personally liked this comment, expressing her approval.


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