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85,000 Swiss merchants can now accept payments with Bitcoin

The payment service provider Worldline and the crypto service provider Bitcoin Suisse have launched a payment system with crypto currencies. Under the name “WL Crypto Payments”, Swiss merchants can now accept payments from customers in Bitcoin and Ether.

Specifically, there are 85,000 retailers in the Worldline network in this country: “All retailers in Switzerland who use Worldline’s POS and e-commerce payment services can now enable their customers to pay with Bitcoin and Ether,” says the company it said in a statement from the two companies on Thursday.

The offer can be used both via app at payment terminals (POS) and in online trading. Customers can use a mobile crypto wallet app for shopping. Payment in one of the two crypto currencies is made without any risk of volatility for the merchant, as the transaction is converted into Swiss francs immediately after confirmation.

The collaboration between Worldline, which also includes SIX Payment Services, and Bitcoin Suisse in the field of cryptocurrencies was first announced in November 2019. Before it was introduced to all Worldline retailers in Switzerland, “WL Crypto PaymentsV was successfully tested in a pilot program,” it continues.

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