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These highlights belong on your watchlist

Jennifer Lawrence’s job is going like clockwork: she has been nominated for an Oscar four times, she has won it once and she has already taken home three Golden Globes. When you look at her filmography, it quickly becomes clear: She seems to have a preference for strong female characters! We have listed your highlights for you in the following list.

“The Poker House” (2008)

The 2008 drama is the first major feature film to star in Jennifer Lawrence. In the autobiographical film, director Lori Petty looks back on her childhood and youth. As the oldest of three children, 14-year-old Alice (Lawrence) is raising her two younger sisters in what is known as the Poker House. Her mother is a drug addict and prostitutes herself for the pimp Duval, which is why she cannot look after her children.

With her performance in “The Poker House”, the then 18-year-old left her calling card in Hollywood, which only pays off a short time later.

“Winter’s Bone” (2010)

After Jennifer Lawrence drew attention to herself with “The Poker House”, two years later she landed her big coup with “Winter’s Bone”. In the social drama, she plays the young Ree who has to take care of the house, yard and siblings while her father concludes shady drug deals.

Debra Granik’s film was nominated for four Academy Awards in 2011 – including a nomination for Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress. After this film everyone finally has their talent on the screen.

“X-Men” series (2011-2019)

In 2011, Jennifer Lawrence joins her first big blockbuster series: Until 2019, she will be part of the X-Men and will ensure more justice in four parts as the mutant Mystique or Raven.

“House at the End of the Street” (2012)

In 2014, Jennifer Lawrence ventured into the horror genre. In it, as young Elissa, she observes a fatal accident in a house at the end of the street that only one survived: the mysterious boy Ryan. Does he have something to do with the accident?

The horror thriller failed mercilessly with the critics and only got a rating of 31/100 at Metacritic. Even with Rotten Tomatoes it was only enough for a mushy 11 percent.

The Hunger Games series (2012-2015)

In the “Hunger Games” film adaptation, as the novels are called in the original, Jennifer Lawrence slips into the role of the young warrior Katniss Everdeen, who has to fight other young people in a dystopian world for her district – until it does there is only one survivor left! Throughout the films, the story continues to develop into a rebellion against the “authorities” in the form of President Snow and his henchmen.

Fun fact

Although Jennifer Lawrence says she can’t sing very well, she released “Hanging Tree” in 2014. In Germany and Austria it climbed to number 1 in the charts. The song is sold almost 2.5 million times worldwide.

The “Hunger Games” series comprises a total of four parts that were published between 2012 and 2015. The prizes won for this show that Jennifer Lawrence is particularly popular with younger moviegoers.

“Silver Linings” (2012)

The IMDb-rated best film with Jennifer Lawrence is her first collaboration with director David O. Russell, which was promptly crowned with great success: “Silver Linings” earned her the Oscar for best actress.

At the side of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence plays the mentally unstable Tiffany, who not so long ago lost her husband in a police operation. In Pat (Cooper) she finds a soulmate with whom she makes a crazy deal: he accompanies her to a dance competition if she helps him win back his ex. Both quickly realize that this is not as easy as originally planned.

“American Hustle” (2013)

They prove that Jennifer Lawrence and director David O. Russell are a good team three times. “American Hustle” is one of the joint films. In the star-studded crime drama, Jennifer Lawrence plays Rosalyn Roosenfeld, the wife of the fat-bellied and greasy impostor Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), who is completely dissatisfied with her life and tied up with a mafioso while her husband is away.

With a total of ten Academy Awards nominations, “American Hustle” is a big favorite at the 2014 Academy Awards, but has not won a single award. After all, there is a Golden Globe – for Jennifer Lawrence as best supporting actress.

“Serena” (2014)

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play side by side again in the romantic drama “Serena”. Lawrence plays the young Serena Pemberton, who at the end of the 1920s and her husband (B. Cooper) devoted herself entirely to the flourishing timber business in North Carolina. As a tough woman, she asserts herself in a male domain, but family difficulties and an unfulfilled desire to have children drive her crazy.

Unfortunately, the film by Susanne Bier turned out to be an absolute flop and does not even come close to bringing in the production costs of around 30 million US dollars at 3.9 US dollars.

“Joy: Everything but Ordinary” (2015)

And another strong woman who embodies Jennifer Lawrence: Joy Mangano. She is a real all-rounder: In addition to her job, the single mother also manages her children and takes care of her severely depressed mother. She has been bubbling over with creativity since she was a little girl, but couldn’t live it out because of her everyday life. Until one day she comes up with the idea for a modern mop with which she wants to revolutionize everyday housewives.

“Joy” is the film adaptation of the life story of the inventor and successful entrepreneur Joy Mangano, who has expanded her family business into a small empire.

“Passengers” (2016)

In 2016, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are driven into the vastness of the universe: With “Passengers”, director Morten Tyldum (“The Imitation Game”) brings a galactic sci-fi romance to the cinemas, which is very popular with viewers. On the way to an alien planet to be colonized, Aurora Lane and Jim Preston wake up a whopping 90 years early on their spaceship in the middle of space!

You can read what we think of the film in our review of “Passengers”.

“Mother!” (2017)

In 2017, Jennifer Lawrence made her first film with acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky. Together with Javier Bardem, she plays a married couple who live in seclusion in a lonely house. You enjoy the peace and quiet and dedicate yourself to renovating the house when suddenly an unknown couple appears and creates tension in the idyll.

To this day, fans of “Mother!” about the message and meaning of the film, which is only superficially a mystery drama. Much more, it offers enormous scope for interpretation. It was different on a visual level: Here the film made numerous viewers leave the cinema during the show.

“Red Sparrow” (2018)

Tough and unscrupulous – this is how Jennifer Lawrence shows herself in the spy thriller “Red Sparrow”. As a former ballerina Dominika Egorova, she is recruited to a school for Russian secret service workers. After she has survived the tough training, the first assignment is already waiting for Dominika: she is supposed to bewitch a CIA agent in order to tease out secret information from him. However, this turns out to be much more delicate than she had imagined.

The film is based on the 2013 novel by Jason Matthews, which won the Edgar Award, the most important prize in crime fiction, for “Operation Red Sparrow”. The book is the first part of a spy trilogy.

New films with Jennifer Lawrence

  • Still untitled film by Lila Neugebauer (Drama; 2021)
  • “Don’t Look Up” (Comedy; 2021)
  • “Mob Girl” (biopic, crime, drama; tba)
  • “Bad Blood” (biopic, drama; tba)

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