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Interview with Eva Green: That’s why she has her reputation as an eccentric


Eva Green: This is how she protects herself from outside expectations

Eva Green at the premiere of

Eva Green at the premiere of “Dumbo” in London.

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Hollywood actress Eva Green on the harshness of the film business, her reputation as an eccentric and the art of staying with yourself.

Berlin. Was in “Casino Royale” Eva Green (38) the great love of the agent James Bond, but the actress is best known for her eccentric roles in series such as “Penny Dreadful” or the films by Tim Burton.

His new work “Dumbo”, a remake of the Disney classic (theatrical release: March 29) is Green’s third collaboration with the Hollywood director. In conversation, Green is extremely polite, natural and open.

What does the story of Dumbo, the little mocked elephant who can fly, give you personally?

Green: For me, Dumbo is a creature that you don’t understand, he’s an outsider. And I believe that each of us feels that way. I’ve always felt that way. I also like strange, beautiful things. That’s why people like to put me in the eccentric drawer.

How do you deal with that?

Green: I would have to ask my therapists that. But I managed to embrace my uniqueness. It is good to acknowledge your own individuality. The people who don’t want to understand me can do me. I’m not saying that I’m always the most confident, but I’m chasing after that light.

You also often play eccentric roles with which you promote this image.

Green: Because too realistic roles would bog me down. Although I don’t like being labeled as the “dark Eva Green”.

Judging by your fierce roles, you should be a brave person. Is that really you?

Green: Actually, I’m pretty shy. But I like exploring the dark side of life. Usually you can’t dive into such extremes, but my roles allow me to.

Is that your psychotherapy?

Green: I wouldn’t call it that. That sounds a little too cheap. But you can throw up all your emotions in movies. After that I feel very much alive, all of my senses are fully activated and that gives me energy.

First you have to overcome your shyness …

Green: I am very obsessive at the same time. That drives me and helps me to do what I want inside. However, I also have to be careful. Obsessions can be destructive. When they completely dominate your life, you burn out inside.

Where do you get your energy when you are not playing roles?

Green: By watching movies, that fulfills me. Or I read books. Not to forget visiting museums, that is also spiritual nourishment. I also love being in nature. As nice as city life is, it can also get quite stressful. I like it when I am surrounded by trees and can enjoy the peace and quiet. Otherwise you will forget that you are human. And I am not calm myself. There’s a lot going on in my head. Too much of.

How do you get along with others?

Green: That can be difficult. People always have an opinion about you. And it’s hard to get proper mental armor. The only solution is to wear different masks to protect yourself, depending on the situation. And behind these masks you can be yourself.

When do you need to protect yourself?

Green: For example, when I am bombarded with strange expectations. There is nothing left to do but put in earplugs, so to speak. Everyone knows that. Your mother says: “I know what is best for you.” At school you have a dominant girlfriend with whom everything feels good until it turns into the opposite and you say to yourself: “She sucks mine Blood out. “

Does the film industry want to suck your blood too?

Green: Oh yeah. Of course she can. It’s not just a job, it shapes your whole life.

What are you doing?

Green: You say no Clear and unmistakable.

Are you still missing something for perfection?

Green: Right now I’m obsessed with cool cats. For me they are like beings from another world. I am constantly looking at pictures on the Internet. So, my current dream is to have a huge cat.

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