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“Harry Potter”: Violent excitement about Harry and Hermione in part 7

A nude scene in “Harry Potter”?

Excitement for Harry and Hermione
Excitement for Harry and Hermione

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Reports made the rounds even before the film hit theaters in 2010 that a nude scene with Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) would be seen in the film. Of course, this was not compatible with the image of cute, eleven-year-old Harry Potter as a child (many years later, mind you) and many fans were in an uproar. Before the release, director David Yates had announced that there would be the scene with the two main actors bare skin. This came as little surprise to those who know the books, as they already knew what it was about: Ron (Rupert Grint) is the one in the book who has to destroy the medallion that contains one of the horcruxes. When the locket opens, one of his greatest fears is revealed to him: Harry and Hermione kiss. However, this is just a spell designed to prevent him from destroying the locket.

In the film, this was actually implemented with the actors, which led some parents to go on the barricades. Especially in conservative America there is nudity and sex very sensitive issues. The film industry and many viewers there react accordingly to such presentations. Some even went so far as to boycott the film. Nobody had seen the scene at this point. In which both actors weren’t even naked, Watson wore a bra that can’t be seen for three seconds and Radcliffe was topless, but that’s how he showed up in other parts of the series. So it was clear to see a vision without any real reference, in which the bodies of the actors were painted and surrounded by smoke.

The excitement subsided quickly

Of course, those who were so upset about the announced scene did not know that. On the one hand, they can be accused of boycotting something that they don’t know what it would be, as the well-known fear of the unknown. On the other hand, it wasn’t clear how harmless the scene would ultimately be. But one of those Excitement for one Making a film for young adults that may contain a provocative scene with barely clothed actors is quite adventurous, and then wanting to boycott it all the more. Especially since the sometimes quite violent scenes in the series did not cause any such excitement.

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