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“Fill your freezers”: Unvaccinated people praise semen as the “new Bitcoin”

“Fill your freezers”
Unvaccinated people praise semen as the “new Bitcoin”

Conspiracy myths are booming in the pandemic. Some not only spread fear and terror, but even inspire hope of future wealth for the believers.

Since the beginning of the mass vaccination campaigns in many countries, conspiracy theories about the active ingredients have also spread rapidly. Reasons why opponents of vaccination urgently and contrary to all scientific knowledge advise against getting immunized range from worries about the implantation of microchips to alleged changes in the genetic make-up to the prophecy that almost all vaccinated persons will die by September. According to a theory that has recently become more widespread in relevant forums and social media, unvaccinated men can not only hope to survive, they also beckon unexpected fortunes.

Despite the fact that fears that corona vaccines could affect the amount and quality of sperm have long been refuted, for a few months now, people have been spreading the rumor on forums on the Internet platform Reddit that the value of the semen of unvaccinated men will soon increase immeasurably. Social media users coined the phrase: “Unvaccinated semen is the new bitcoin”. A meme was born, which some blogs and media with ironic-critical reports, but also many conspiracy theorists, took up in the meantime.

The “theory” is not complicated: Since – in the parallel universe of some lateral-thinking corona deniers – vaccinated men will soon be mostly dead, sick or sterile, the sperm of unvaccinated men is needed to ensure the continued existence of humanity. The demand and the price would shoot up. In some of the corresponding posts on Twitter and elsewhere, false reports and fantasies from the Corona context overlap with other apocalyptic conspiracy narratives. Above all, the notion, widespread among cryptocurrency fans, that the global economic and financial system is on the verge of collapse, keeps popping up. As a precaution for the end times, some Twitter users are now advising Bitcoin and frozen sperm. “Unvaccinated semen is gold. Fill your freezers,” tweeted one.

In fact, there is also a grain of truth in the “Sperm is the new Bitcoin” legend: Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, sperm banks have been increasingly looking for donors. During the crisis, more couples probably wanted to have a child. The demand increased. At the same time, however, the donors were temporarily absent during the lockdown. Some sperm banks in the US have reportedly raised prices. However, vaccinated donors also benefit from this. Unvaccinated people, on the other hand, have to expect to contract Covid-19. A possible long-term consequence of this is erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Hasan Sheikh
Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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