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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin joins the Dogecoin Foundation

Want to go really steep again – the Dogecoin. (Photo:

The Dogecoin Foundation is committed to the further development of the crypto currency and is completely repositioning itself. Ethereum celebrity Vitalik Buterin participates in the newly established advisory body.

The Dogecoin is not dead. At least that can be seen from the recent publications of the newly established Dogecoin Foundation. A short manifest introduces the four key points that the Foundation intends to use as a guide. These are the cornerstones:

  1. To be useful means that we put utility above technical brilliance.
  2. We are personable and value people and interactions more than profit-oriented business.
  3. We are welcoming and value cooperation and trust more than competition and exclusivity.
  4. We are reliable and put functioning solutions above the speed of development.

The advisory board includes the German Android developer Max Keller, who is a part-time Dogecoin core developer. Billy Marcus, the Dogecoin co-inventor, is also involved – better known in the community as Shibetoshi Nakamoto. The third member of the group is Elon Musk confidante and Neuralink boss Jared Birchall. Last but not least, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has agreed to work on the advisory board.

Musk confidante Birchall and Ethereum inventor Buterin strengthen advisory board

Especially the collaboration of Buterin and Birchall can be seen as evidence of the seriousness of the project. To see a confidante of Elon Musk on the board is not surprising given the Tesla boss’s intense efforts to get the cryptocurrency. After all, Musk had already suggested securing full funding for the development. The team had refused at the time.

Special technical expertise can be expected from Vitalik Buterin. He is now working flat out on version 2.0 of his Ethereum network after the so-called London hard fork went online in July 2021. A completely new transaction fee system was introduced with London. Elon Musk also wants to see movement in Dogecoin in this area.

Almost finished!

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The further development of the Dogecoin blockchain is only part of what the Foundation wants to achieve. In addition, she wants to take care of the support of the Dogecoin community and the entire ecosystem. According to the announcements on the Foundation website, the Dogecoin is first and foremost a technical project, but also a movement for the good in the world.

As Decrypt claims to have learned from the Foundation, the headquarters of the Dogecoin Foundation are to be relocated to Liechtenstein. Vitalik Buterin, who founded the Ethereum Foundation in Switzerland, should be of particular assistance.

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