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Anna Kendrick: “Pitch Perfect 3” doesn’t need sexy looks!

Strong statement from Anna Kendrick (32)! Fans can look forward to the fact that the third part of the popular music film series “Pitch Perfect” will hit the cinemas on December 21st. Leading actress Anna particularly appreciates the very different, imperfect and lovable characters in the hit movie and above all doesn’t want one thing: A sexualization of women! Now the actress tells how she resisted it during filming.

The beauty is now unpacking that she did not accept the specifications from the upper ranks of film production. These demanded that the personalities be given more sex appeal through the choice of clothes: “It’s funny. Whenever we had costume rehearsals, it seemed like we received instructions from above that our clothes should be tighter, sexier and show more skin.”, tells the 32-year-old in an interview with Haper’s Bazaar UK. “And I thought to myself, that’s not why people watch this movie. They definitely don’t watch it because of our sex appeal. It’s great that the audience is interested in a movie about weirdos and girls of all shapes and sizes to see. “

Kendrick is playing [Artikel nicht gefunden] of the screen musical again the role of Beca Mitchell. After the members of their a capella group “Barden Bellas” have graduated from university and are struggling to move into the world of work, the musical troupe decides to reunite one last time to take part in a competition in Europe. Here they are faced with unexpected challenges.

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