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Amber Heard allegedly lied in the trial of Johnny Depp: Police are investigating

Amber Heard allegedly lied in court. The actress alleged in court divorce proceedings that her ex-husband Johnny Depp had become violent towards her. Therefore, she finally ended the marriage in May 2016. But now recordings of a body cam are said to have appeared that allegedly prove the opposite.

If Amber Heard actually lied in court, she could face up to four years in prison.

Police are reportedly investigating Amber Heard

The divorce drama surrounding Amber Heard and Johnny Depp just doesn’t want to die down. The couple split in 2017 after Amber accused the 57-year-old of beating her. In court, the actress declared under oath that Johnny Depp demolished the apartment during an incident and became violent towards her. He is said to have even hit her with a phone. But Amber is lying, the actor claims.

Now there should be new knowledge in the case. As the Daily Mail reported, namely recordings of a body cam emerged that are supposed to refute Amber Heard’s statements. When the police arrived at the apartment of Johnny Depp and the actress that evening in May 2016, the bodycams recorded what it looked like inside. There was nothing to be seen of the alleged destruction of the apartment. The British magazine has also received the police officers’ alleged report that they could not see any signs of injury to Amber Heard. So did the actress lie? Noisy Daily Mail The police are now investigating Amber and trying to find out what really happened that evening. If it turns out that she lied, she could face up to four years in prison, according to the magazine.

New evidence could allow “woman thug” appeal

After Amber Heard alleged in court that Johnny Depp beat her, the actor was heavily criticized. The British daily newspaper The Sun even called him a “woman beater”. Because of this designation, the actor then sued the newspaper for defamation. The court ruled in November 2020 that the tabloid had sufficient evidence that Depp had been violent against ex-wife Amber Heard at least once during their relationship. Johnny Depp appealed this judgment several times, but it was repeatedly rejected. The new recordings of the bodycams could change that again.

The consequences of this divorce drama are grave for the actor. Because shortly after the verdict of the “Frauenschläger” trial became official, the producers of the fantasy series “Fantastic Beasts” reacted to it. Johnny Depp played in the first two parts the villain Grindelwald. After losing the lawsuit, his contract was terminated and he will no longer be in front of the camera for the upcoming parts.

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