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Action with Angelina Jolie: “They want me dead” on DVD

The fire jumper Hannah (Angelina Jolie) has an extreme job. After being unable to prevent four people from being killed in a forest fire, she is left traumatized. Actually, she could use a little rest now, but that is not granted to her. Because she meets the injured boy Connor (Finn Little), who is hot on the heels of two contract killers. Hannah helps Connor escape through the forest, but soon it’s not just the gangsters who threaten her life. A huge fire also eats its way through the trees … Get the action thriller now “They want me dead” on DVD.

“They want me dead” was directed by Tayor Sheridan, who also co-wrote the script. Sheridan has had an interesting career: he started as an actor, then as a screenwriter, until he started directing himself. His specialty are hard neo-noir thrillers: for example, the scripts for “Sicario” or “Hell or high Water” were created by him. Sheridan is also fond of people in natural extreme situations; so his film “Wind River” from 2017 is set in extreme cold. In “They want me dead” it is a catastrophic forest fire that is at the center.

“They want me dead” will be released on August 19th on Blu-ray and DVD.

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