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“A Quiet Place 2” star Emily Blunt: “I was really in a panic”

Because of the corona pandemic, the horror film “A Quiet Place 2” was postponed by about a year before it could see the light of the big screen. It has already appeared internationally and has already made the box office ring, and now film fans in Germany can finally watch the sequel.

Once again, the focus is on the Abbott family, who are fighting for survival in an earth overrun by aliens – and are not allowed to utter a single sound. Because the extraterrestrial invaders hear everything and rush blindly at every source of noise! Getting through such a world is difficult enough. With three children in tow, including a small baby, this will seem impossible …

As in the predecessor, superstar Emily Blunt plays one of the main roles, her husband John Krasinski is also there and is back in the director’s chair. We at were able to have a short conversation with Blunt about the new shocker in advance. In doing so, she confessed that she actually didn’t actually play properly in one scene – but rather really scared had.

Emily Blunt: Charming silence With everything going on outside, wouldn’t it be nice if our world were actually “A Quiet Place”?

Emily Blunt: Yeah, that would be really nice. There is so much madness out there and we all had such an amazing year. It’s kind of strange that the film is coming out now at the end of the Covid pandemic. We felt that certain sense of the post-apocalyptic all along, and the film is very symbolic: In the first film, the Abbott family was locked in on the farm. But in the second it is destroyed and they have to venture out, just as we all have to venture out. At least there are no aliens.

How challenging is it to be very still in front of the camera?

I didn’t find the silence that difficult, I even liked working like that very much. For example, when I watch films myself, the scenes that appeal to me the most are those in which everything is unspoken. I love to see the space between people and what is not said is the most adorable thing I see.

But what about the physical aspect of silence? For example, walk slowly and very carefully …

Yeah, that’s really interesting. In normal everyday life you would wake up and just be dead in this film world if you grabbed your cell phone or drink a glass of water and turn it off again. Because then one of the creatures would appear immediately. This fact makes you very aware of your own body language: How to move, pick up things, open something, how to walk. All of this makes you take great care of your body.

Real fear

I have to ask you about this crazy bus stunt, you are probably already tired of it …

No i love to talk about it! Do you want to know how we did it?

Naturally! But I’ve already read about some of John’s insights and that he joked that he put your marriage at risk for it. But I wanted to hear your version of the story. What went through your head the first time he suggested that you really should be the person sitting in the car?

He suggested the sequence to me, and as it continued to take shape, he was very inspired by the film Children of Men. Did you see that It’s just extraordinary what Alfonso Cuarón has done. It was a lot about the one camera in a car that captures everything in a very choreographed and captivating way because there is no cut. You don’t leave the place, you are right there with the characters. It’s really exciting to see that.

So John cut a hole in the top of the car and inserted a camera. A stunt driver sat on top of the car while I then played driving. We had a small child in the back seat and Noah Jupe in the passenger seat who played my two sons. For two weeks only this single shot was rehearsed: The camera movements were rehearsed, at whom it is directed and when, then back to me, I reach for the boy, the camera comes back to me and Noah.

Then the car really starts when the creature arrives, then I ram one car and another, hit a man, dodge. And then the bus rushes straight towards me and we had to time it perfectly so that it doesn’t actually hit us.

I said to the stunt driver, “I hope you are really good because my life is in your hands.” He just replied, “I’m the best.” That was very reassuring. Incidentally, I didn’t rehearse this sequence myself, but my stuntwoman Lauren, whom I admire very much. She is very careful and said to me, “Don’t worry, it’s safe. There are a lot of ways to stop the recording; the bus can drive by, if it doesn’t hit its marker, there is this and that marker.”

So I trusted her – but I’m not saying that I trusted her more than John (laughs). I knew John was very excited about this recording. So we didn’t rehearse myself and recorded two rounds. He then took my first one for the film because I was really panicking about it.

At “A Quiet Place” you are not allowed to make a sound. And then there is a film such as “Bird Box”, in which one is not allowed to see and, only thrown in as an example, the “X-Men” character Rogue is again not allowed to touch any other person. So if it were a matter of life and death, which of your senses or which of your basic skills would you sacrifice for survival?

I’ll take the great Millicent Simmonds as an example, because look how well she is doing on “A Quiet Place” and she’s deaf in real life too. So I would take my hearing away. Because I want to be a heroine like her.

“A Quiet Place 2” has been shown in German cinemas since June 24, 2021.

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