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How a car digs Bitcoins and Co. for you.

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Bitcoins, Ethereum and Co .: A car is now mining cryptos.

The Daymak 2023 alcohol is supposed to mine cryptocurrency for its holder - when parking.

The Daymak 2023 alcohol is supposed to mine cryptocurrency for its holder – when parking.

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Earn money while parking. The Canadian vehicle manufacturer Daymak also has this idea: The “2023 Spiritus” mines cryptocurrency for its holder.

Unfortunately, picking money from trees is not possible. The Canadian car manufacturer Daymak promises its customers something else: inside, earn money in the parking lot, just like that. The “2023 Spiritus” should be able to do just that by Cryptocurrencies how Ethereum and Bitcoin digs in parking mode.

Cryptocurrency at the push of a button

Daymak founder Aldo Baiocchi seems to be an eccentric. He considers blockchain technology to be an integral part of modern everyday life. They want to simplify this technology and that’s why they are installing it in a car. The electric vehicle can mine crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The two-seater on three wheels therefore not only looks futuristic, but also has its own wallet for crypto currencies, according to the developers’ will. The Daymak Nebula Wallet should be able to be operated directly from the car’s touchscreen console.

Earn money while parking

If the car is then parked in idle mode, it can be instructed directly to mine a desired cryptocurrency via a controller. In addition to the more well-known cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, it should also be possible to mine Dogecoin and Cardano.

Mining cryptocurrencies is extremely energy-intensive. Daymak installed a solar panel on the car especially for this purpose. Daymak’s two-seater is said to earn up to US $ 10 a day for car owners. The cryptos obtained can then flow directly to the owner’s account or to a specified crypto depot.

Criticism of crypto mining

Even if Aldo Baiocchi’s little crypto miracle already inspires many people, there are some voices who believe that a crypto-currency mining car is not a particularly good idea.

As reported by the magazine 1E9, according to infrastructure researchers: inside the cars in parking mode could stabilize the local power grid instead of using even more energy to generate crypto currencies.

Daymak’s future runabout has shown one thing, however: the enthusiasm for crypto currencies is unbroken. Aldo Baiocchis promises nothing less than that money is on the street after all.

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