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Hacker wants 6 Bitcoin for stolen telecom data

T-Mobile confirmed that there must have been a security hole. The data of over 100 million people are at risk. The hacker demands Bitcoin for the data.

On August 15, 2021, someone told Motherboard, VICE’s tech reporting outlet, that they had obtained the private information of over 100 million people via T-Mobile servers. He claimed to have compromised several servers connected to T-Mobile.

According to the motherboard, the data is highly sensitive information that could lead to identity theft. This includes social security numbers, phone numbers, names, physical addresses, and more. The hacker told VICE that he backed up the data in “multiple locations.” In a post on an underground forum, the hacker asked for six bitcoins for part of the data. Around 30 million social security numbers and driver’s licenses are part of the data.

In the statement confirming the hack, T-Mobile said no time will be wasted on this:

“We’re working around the clock to investigate claims that T-Mobile data has been illegally accessed. We take the protection of our customers very seriously and, together with experts in digital forensics, conduct a comprehensive analysis to verify the validity of these claims. “

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Bitcoin popular with hackers

In the course of the digitization of the world, cybersecurity is becoming more and more an issue. Especially since global regulators in the crypto industry see potential security problems as a threat to consumers. This year, crypto-hungry hackers were also involved in the hack of the Colonial Pipeline. The US paid the hackers over $ 5 million in bitcoin to restore the pipeline to operation. On the other hand, the US authorities recently paid hackers for the first time for information about terrorist activities on the dark web using cryptocurrencies.

Last week the crypto world was shaken by news of a $ 600 million hack on a DeFi network. Even if the hacker claimed to have no interest in the stolen goods or money, the hacker shows us that there is an increasing need for high-performance cybersecurity solutions.

Bitcoin Art: An image from BeInCrypto

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