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Forever Friends: “Friends: The Reunion” series

In “Friends: The Reunion” (Tuesday, August 17, 8:15 pm, Sky One), Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars from “Friends” look back on the superlative sitcom.

There is nothing to talk about. He’s just a guy from work. ”-“ Come on. You go out with the guy, something must be lazy about him! ”The very first dialogue (between Monica and Joey) in the first episode“ Love? No, not! ”Set the tone for the most successful comedy of all time. The sitcom about the antics of a New York shared apartment made TV history.

The leading actors Courteney Cox (as the clique mother hen Monica), Lisa Kudrow (as the hippie Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Womanizer Joey), Matthew Perry (as the sarcastic Chandler) and David Schwimmer (Monica’s brother Ross) became celebrated stars. Jennifer Aniston, of course, made the greatest and, above all, longest-lasting career, who incidentally was the last to be cast in the ensemble. She makes her big appearance as Monica’s school friend Rachel at the end of episode one – in her wedding dress.

Everybody’s Darling JenAn also set visual standards: Her haircut, “Rachel”, was the most copied hairstyle of the 90s. The phenomenon ran for 236 episodes and ten years, from 1994 to 2004 (all seasons on Netflix). Again and again there were plans for a comeback of the super series, which to date has recorded 100 billion (!) Views on all platforms worldwide. In the end, however, it never came to that.

So at least the “Reunion” of the “Friends” family: In the original studio setting of Apartment 2 C and the Café “Central Perk”, the visibly moved star sextet exchanges anecdotes and is surprised by illustrious guests like Lady Gaga. Anyone who cannot be there – such as Reese Witherspoon, who played Rachel’s sister in the series – has a say in the single player. So do celebrity fans from David Beckham to “Game of Thrones” hero Kit Harington, who present their favorite episodes. Tip: Episode 5.16 – Keyword: “Tip!”

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