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Chinese Horoscope Ox 8/16/2021 free

Such is the Ox in the Chinese horoscope

The Ox radiates calm and contemplation, although this sign of the zodiac is not lacking in perseverance to get to the goal. His motto in life is: “Without diligence, no price”. Every Ox born in this way will use all his strength and energy. However, he does this not only for his own needs, but primarily for family and friends. Here he shows his caring and loving side despite all goal orientation.

Who fits the Chinese zodiac sign Ox

Ox-born are looking for a permanent partnership in which the partners are honest and caring. Not necessarily very romantic, but very loyal and tolerant, the Ox will look for a reliable partner in love, with whom he feels secure and at home. Not every Chinese zodiac sign will be able to meet these requirements.

The buffalo harmonizes best with the snake, because this sign is also very calm, good-natured and ambitious. As a result, these two can not only build on what they have in common in a partnership, but also complement each other. Ultimately, the Ox-born will be able to impress the snake partner with his enormous determination, while conversely he will be fascinated by his charm and humor.

The Ox will also be able to form a good bond with a Rooster-born. While the rooster motivates the Ox-born again and again to bring great things on the way, the Ox, conversely, will always give his partner the necessary support. The partners complement each other through the same values ​​and it should be a lasting relationship.

Chinese zodiac sign Ox man

In his usual relaxed manner, the Ox man will take a lot of time in choosing a partner. He usually uses this somewhat longer getting to know each other to find out everything about the potential partner. Accordingly, he will never rush into a love relationship, because here is always the sense of a healthy and solid base.

It is in the nature of the Ox man that, despite all calm and contemplation, he reacts a little harshly from time to time. However, he seldom means that badly. However, he can be possessive when he is firmly committed. In good and bad days he will be there for his wife and expect the same from her. Basically, even in love, he wants all or nothing.

Chinese zodiac sign Ox woman

Although the Ox woman appears rather shy at first, she will never leave any doubts in the partnership as to who is the mistress of the house. She will look after her loved ones, especially her partner, in a loving and courteous manner. This is due to her traditional understanding of roles, from which she cannot be dissuaded.

Short love adventures are not suitable for the Ox woman, and she will not accept them in her partner either. Sometimes she will prefer the relationship to grow slowly because that can make it really lasting. Loyal and sensual, she can still be prone to temperamental outbursts if you irritate her or even deceive her.

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