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Amber Heard: She’s “mom and dad” for Baby Oonagh

Amber Heard
She is “mom and dad” for Baby Oonagh

Amber Heard

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Amber Heard raises her daughter Oonagh Paige alone. On Instagram, she reveals that she is taking on both parenting roles.

On July 1, 2021, actress Amber Heard, 35, surprised her fans on social media when she announced that she had been a mother to a young daughter since April 2021. The girl who was born with the help of a surrogate mother is called Oonagh Paige. With the middle name of her child, the actress honors her mother Paige Parsons, who died in 2020.

When Amber Heard publicized her motherhood on Instagram, she stated that she wanted a child “on her terms” and advocated normalizing surrogacy: “I hope we get to the point where it’s normal at some point not wanting to wear a ring to have a child “. What Amber Heard wants to clarify here: You don’t need a partner to become a mother.

Amber Heard: her daughter Oonagh is “the boss”

In an Instagram post, the actress addresses this topic more intensely. Under a picture of herself and Oonagh Paige, she writes: “I’m just mom and dad. She’s the boss”.

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Amber Heard makes it clear once again that she takes on both parenting roles for her daughter and has no partner by her side. A source told Page Six that the actress was “proud” to be her daughter’s only parent. According to the magazine, the bisexual actress was most recently in a relationship with property master Bianca Butti – but Heard is said to want to raise Oonagh Paige on her own.

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