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This is what she looks like 6 months after giving birth

February 27, 2021 – 7:35 pm clock

Katy Perry is enjoying some time out on the beach

Katy Perry (36) became a mother for the first time in August 2020. Just six weeks after the birth of baby Daisy Dove, the entertainer was back in front of the camera for her juror job on “American Idol”. Daughter Daisy Dove is now six months old, but Katy doesn’t let anyone stress her when it comes to her after-baby body. She takes the time her body needs to recover. She is currently enjoying a break with partner Orlando Bloom (44) and friends in Hawaii. We show recordings of the new mom in swimwear in the video.

Mama Katy was wonderfully honest after the delivery

Katy was the one who shared the unvarnished truth with her fans on Instagram after giving birth. The singer made it clear: A woman’s body takes time to return to its old shape. Like Katy, ex-GNTM participant Fiona Erdmann also had a “baby” tummy weeks after the birth of Baby Leo. The model gained 30 pounds during pregnancy and likes his new body just as it is. And the most important thing is anyway: the main thing is happy!

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