Pitch perfect

Actress Anna Kendrick, known from films such as The Accountant, Pitch perfect and Up in the air, will star in the new science fiction thriller Stowaway take. The film is about a spaceship crew that is on their way to Mars and discovers a stowaway in their midst. Kendrick plays the ship’s doctor who is the only one to oppose the crew when they decide to remove the stowaway from the spaceship because food is running out.

After Kendrick starred in the Twilight films and for an Oscar for best supporting actress in the drama Up in the air was nominated, she played with a few exceptions mainly in comedies. Stowaway on the other hand represents a change of direction for the actress.

Former YouTube star Joe Penna is directing the film and co-authored the script with long-time collaborator Ryan Morrison. The two already have the survival thriller before Arctic produced in which Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelsen played the lead role. Stowaway slated for release in 2019 after the film is shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

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