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SPD Hallbergmoos praises the new town hall chief

SPD ASSEMBLY – Kronner and Co. satisfied with development

The SPD Hallbergmoos is satisfied with the work of the new mayor. He had tackled important things, so the tenor of the meeting of the Hallbergmoos comrades.

Hallbergmoos – In six weeks there will be a general election – so the Hallbergmoos comrades will have to “roll up their sleeves”. The district association and Bundestag candidate Andreas Mehltretter are planning a series of activities – from the green gardening campaign to welcoming some well-known federal politicians.
Incidentally, the SPD members are very satisfied with the development at the municipal level and with Mayor Josef Niedermair (CSU). “The cooperation is very good,” emphasized Stefan Kronner. Niedermair is looking for a conversation and solutions with all parliamentary groups, said the SPD parliamentary group spokesman. “I had more personal conversations with him than with his two predecessors together.” In the first three months of his tenure, according to Kronner, Niedermair “tackled” and brought about a number of important decisions. For example, for municipal housing (Predazzoallee) and the natural swimming pool in the sports park. Projects that are very important to the comrades.

The SPD is pleased that multi-generational living in Tassiloweg is also being pursued – as is the emerging solution for the fire stations. Because, according to Kronner, the existing guard in Goldach has “serious defects”, the new building that has been decided is good and correct. With the renovation of the Hallbergmooser Wache one could bridge the gap for a while.

Councilor Christiane Oldenburg-Balden looked at the 2020 budget: She welcomed the decision that the municipality will take on two trainees from 2022. In view of the vacancies and the comparatively high staff turnover in the town hall, she hopes that this will create a certain bond with the employer. As a senior consultant, she naturally pays special attention to the older generation. She currently has the installation of further benches on her agenda.

All those present agreed that something urgently needs to be done for the youth: “The young people stayed at home for the older ones in the pandemic, now we have to give something back,” emphasized Kronner. One topic will soon be on the council tables: the expansion of the skate park in the sports park. As Kronner reported, there is a preliminary investigation that deals with this. He did not want to anticipate the presentation of the results in the local council, but assumes that an expansion is feasible.

There would also be room for a “pump track” – a circuit with waves and steep walls. Of course, the municipality would have to spend a lot of money for this. Anna Kreilinger-Pitters asked not to lose sight of the topic of youth clubs: “We should bring the JUZ into the center,” she said. Of course, this is an “idea” and a long-term perspective.

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