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Family invests all their assets in Bitcoin, now they are traveling around the world

Didi Taihuttu, his wife and their three children gave up all of their assets in 2017 and invested them in Bitcoin. These include, among other things, a well-running company, the family home, three cars and a motorcycle, reports “CNBC”. But the risk pays off.

At that time, Bitcoin only cost just under $ 900. Just a few months later, however, the cryptocurrency rose rapidly towards $ 20,000. Even alleged crashes do not worry the father, but he continues to invest.

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Bitcoin family: around the world with cryptocurrency

The family now only lives on Bitcoin and travels around the world with it. They take viewers with them in videos on YouTube and give them an insight into their everyday lives. Even if you feel safe with your new life, you are prepared for any eventuality.

To protect themselves from hackers, the family has distributed “hardware wallets” in different countries on a total of four continents. “We have hidden them so that I never have to travel far. We can get out of the market at any time if things get serious,” Taihuttu told CNBC.

Protection from hackers: The family hides their money on four continents

26 percent of the family’s capital is stored “hot”. She uses this part of the cryptocurrency to trade at short notice and to pay for her everyday life. The father himself describes this part as “risk capital”.

The remaining 74 percent are “cold”. This means that the currency is in the hardware wallets that are distributed around the world. The family cannot access this easily. The wallets are located in various places, such as rental apartments, with friends or in rental warehouses. “I like to live in your decentralized world to protect my capital,” explains Taihuttu.

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