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Emma Stone returns for Part 2, no lawsuit against Disney

Disney has managed to defuse the looming conflict with actress Emma Stone. Now the Oscar winner has loud Deadline the contract for the planned “Cruella“-Sequel signed. At the end of July, the partnership almost broke up because Stone was apparently looking for part of the income from her “101 Dalmatians“Offshoot felt cheated. It is not known which peace offer the studio has presented to her.

There “Cruella 2“Is likely to appear in a few years anyway, it can be assumed that the point of contention will not arise again. Because it was about that “Cruella“Due to the corona pandemic, it was also offered digitally on Disney + in parallel with the regular cinema release. So many potential customers stayed at home, which may have diminished success at the box office, while Disney was at least able to feed its in-house streaming platform, which in turn strengthens the company’s share value.

In Stone’s contract, however, only the distribution of the cinema revenues was stipulated, so that she did not profit from the VoD release on Disney +, but even suffered financial damage. The Maushaus has probably now offered her a compensation payment in order to retain the prominent actress and a continuation of “Cruella“To enable.

$ 222 million came for “Cruella“Together in cinemas around the world. How much money was raised via Disney + is a secret. At Rotten Tomatoes, the strip holds a 74 percent rating; the majority of all reviews are positive. The audience even gave it a straight A for CinemaScore.

Patrick Whitesell, the head of the Stone agency, on the new deal with Disney: “While the media landscape has been shaken in a sustainable way for all distributors, the creative partners must not stand on the sidelines to carry a disproportionate amount of the downward movement with no potential for upward movement. This agreement shows that there can be a just way that protects artists and balances the interests of the studios with the talents. We are proud to partner with Emma and Disney and appreciate the studio’s willingness to recognize their contributions as creative partners. We hope this opens the door to more members of the creative community to share in the success of new platforms.

In the case of Scarlett Johansson and the Marvel flick, “Black Widow“No agreement has yet been reached. The matter is probably going to court here. But the fears that a real wave of lawsuits will roll on Disney have so far not come true. Dwayne Johnson, for example, who with his “Jungle Cruise“Is in a similar situation, tirelessly promotes his film via social media.

Stream Cruella now on Disney + …

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