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Emily Blunt is excited about her new film

“When it came into my life, it was quite a godsend because I’d said to myself, ‘Oh, I want something intimate […] make. So it came at just the right time, and I was completely amazed when I read the script. I mean, I knew because it was Shanley. You know you’re going to read something unique and I just loved it. I feel in love with these bizarre, lonely farmers. I just really loved it, “said the Hollywood beauty. The ‘A Quiet Place’ actress also praised the performance of her co-star Jamie Dornan and believes the role of Anthony Reilly is perfect for Jamie . “I just knew that I would have a lot of fun with him. He’s incredibly funny and he’s such a talent. I’m really happy that people are seeing Jamie in this role because I think there is the impression that you see him in a certain light […] It was just a joy. “Blunt confessed, however, that she had trouble with the Irish accent. She added to The Hollywood Reporter,” I don’t know how many accents there are in England alone, and it’s the same in Ireland. I think there are 50 to 100 different accents in Ireland alone. We had to learn a very specific accent from the Central Plateau, a rural, rather thick accent, and it sounds completely different from the Irish accent from the big city, “says Emily.

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