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Britney Spears: Locked in the Bathroom

Britney Spears accidentally locked herself in the bathroom

Britney Spears (39) was lucky. On Instagram, the singer reported an incident that worried her: the mother of two accidentally locked herself in her bathroom at night. She screamed for help – but it took a while before friend Sam and Securities could free her. An experience that her guardianship situation, in which she is trapped, could not better describe her followers.

“The lock was stuck” – and the odyssey began …

“At two in the morning I decided to take a bath,” explains Britney on Instagram. “I went to the bathroom (…) and then I checked my face wash kit but couldn’t find it anywhere. I was busy looking for it for about 15 minutes before I realized it might be in the other bathroom. ” When Britney wanted to leave her bathroom the shock: “Then I went to the door and it was locked. I thought, okay, it’s a bathroom, I can get the damn door open, but no … the lock was stuck.”

The problem: “I locked myself in my sh *** bath and my boyfriend slept. Not even earthquakes wake him up,” the singer describes her seemingly hopeless situation. At first, friend Sam Asghari did not respond to several screams either.

Security came to help Britney

“I screamed, ‘Heeeeeeyyyy, come on, open that stupid door’. Silence. The fourth time he woke up and said, ‘What’s up?’ I said, ‘I’m in here and I can’t get out’. ” First, according to Britney, he tried to open the door with a pen. So she grabbed her cell phone and called security.

Almost half an hour had passed before someone came. “Then they said they needed ten minutes. I cleaned up the bathroom and was wondering whether I should take another shower or something.” She waited longingly for someone to just open the door, according to Britney, until the redeeming words rang out: “Go back, we’ll open the door.” The singer was released: “Then she opened … finally!”

“That’s the story of a girl named Lucky …”

When she posts this experience on Instagram, many followers see it as the symbolic character of the story and how much this story describes their life situation. “Hmm … sounds like a metaphor of what’s happening in your life,” writes one of her followers under Brits Post. Musician colleague Miley Cyrus comments: “You really did set Britney free!” Another fan: “Queen is patiently waiting for freedom. We love you and you have a wave of people who love and support you.” Yet another fan recites the first line of one of her songs: “This is the story of a girl named Lucky …”

Does this metaphor actually speak for your life? Will she actually be able to break free of her father Jamie’s guardianship anytime soon? In the meantime, the 39-year-old has her dream lawyer at her side, who could win the case for her and thus give her freedom. The future shows how this memorable negotiation will end … (rla)

In the video: Is this lawyer of choice Britney’s last resort?

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