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Will Selena-Gomez retire soon?

March 10, 2021 – Stefan Angele

Fans of Radio Hamburg megastar Selena Gomez should not like this news at all. In April 2021, she adorns the cover of “Vogue” and speaks frankly about the possibility of hanging up the music forever.

“A last attempt”

At less than 30 years old, Gomez’s career in the music business has been truly impressive so far. Dozens of awards are included, 5 billion streams, umpteen songs and albums in the world at the top of the charts and of course their 215 million Instagram followers, more than many states even have inhabitants. But still, Gomez thinks openly in the interview about letting that be with the music, because it is still not really taken seriously by many. “I want to give the whole thing one last try before I really withdraw from the music,” is the singer’s tough conclusion.

“Why am I doing this at all?”

It’s pretty hard to always make music when you’re ridiculed for it, Gomez explains her decision. “I’ve often wondered what all this is all about. Why am I doing this at all?” With “Lose You to Love Me” she would have released the best song of her career from her point of view, but it was still not well received by the critics. “For the fans who like my music, I’ll go even further. But my next album will definitely be different,” she said to the critics. A fourth album by the American could also be her last piece of music.

Instead, more acting

But even after the music retirement, no one has to do without the presence of Selena Gomez. Instead, she wants to focus on acting and producing music. “I can finally try it out full-time with acting,” she sums up her career decision. No matter if really music pension or not. From Friday (12.03.) there will be Spanish-speaking EP “Revelación” first of all, seven new tracks by Selena Gomez that the fans can look forward to.

The best music by Selena Gomez at Radio Hamburg

The best new music by Selena Gomez and all your Radio Hamburg Megastars is of course always available directly from Radio Hamburg in the program, or on Radio Hamburg News Stream. You can hear it every Friday brand new and moderated by afternoon presenter Tim Gafron directly here on the website or in the app with the coolest new tracks of the week.

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