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The jumping water postmen of Lake Geneva>news>

13. August 2021 – 15:15 Clock

The boat is not waiting for you, so it says: Run as fast as you can!

If you’re looking for a really cool summer job, we might have something for you here: Postman at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. What should be so exciting about it? The mail is brought here by boat. And the boat does not wait while the deliverer goes ashore, but continues. It can quickly become: Postman overboard! How crazy and fast you have to be for this job, we show in the video.

You never know if you’ll fall into the water

“It’s a continuous adrenaline rush. Every time you jump on the jetty, you don’t know if you’re going to fall or something else will happen,” says 17-year-old Marissa Torres-Raby, describing her new job. She is only on board for the second day and already has bruises. But at least it is still dry. In contrast to some colleagues who did not make it back to the boat in time. Then, by the way, the mail will also get wet. If you can’t stand the fact that the subscribed newspaper is wet with rain in the morning in the mailbox, you should definitely not move to Lake Geneva.

Postboat captain Ray Ames raves about his unusual delivery trips: “My job is the best you can have when it comes to boats. We’ve been doing this here for over 100 years. And only a few before me have been allowed to steer this boat so far.”

We will show more about the daring jumping post messengers on 13 August from 4:45 p.m. on “RTL Aktuell”. (csp)

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