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Ethereum (ETH / USD): Back to normal ()

by Manfred Ries

Chart: ETH

Ethereum (ETH / USD) on a weekly basis: Prices are turning north again.

From Manfred Ries

Friday 13th August 2021

Dear readers,

What’s new from the world of raw materials, emerging markets and currencies? Worth a discussion at the end of the week: the …

… cryptos. And here I would like to go back to the underlying ETHEREUM (ETH / USD)
come to speak. As already pointed out on June 6th, the yellow candle formation reminds us to be careful: the high wick testifies to the selling pressure and thus to the high level of uncertainty among market participants. In the meantime, prices have consolidated over the past three months and are starting to hit their 200-day line – solid support (green arrow). This strengthens the price range ~ 1722/1800 USD in its capacity as support. The upward trend is clearly upward, which can be seen from the upward sloping trend line (A).

Since the beginning of the week, ETH / USD has been increasingly establishing itself above its price mark of USD 3,000. The current comeback of cryptos supports the ETH price development. A new rush into the ~ $ 6249 area appears likely. Rate on Friday, August 13th (7:30 PM): $ 3,230 USD (+ 6.1%).

In my issue of August 11, 2021, I was already positive about Bitcoin (BTC / USD). On Friday August 13th, BTC / USD climbed 5.1% to $ 46,508. Tendency: friendly.

So much for today. I wish you a nice weekend! Stay healthy and fascinated by trading – with pleasure again with the cryptos. Sincerely, you

Manfred Ries, editor-in-chief

The author:Manfred Ries began his bank training in 1984 – the entry into the stock exchange business. This was followed by activities as a private customer advisor and in foreign exchange trading at a major bank. After studying economics, he completed a traineeship as a business journalist at a well-known investor magazine and held managerial positions as an editor for many years. Manfred Ries has been analyzing and writing for for many years as editor-in-chief of the online section chart analyzes and as the author of the weekly stock market newsletter Expert Trader © warrants
and the stock exchange information service Rohstoff & Emerging Markets News.

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