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What is ariana Grande’s new hit “34+35” about?

Ariana Grande has long since become a power woman
establishes and shows this again with their new album ”
positions”. With us you will find the German
Translation to the popular track ”

The single “34+35” was released on October 29 and has been heard countless times to date. After the
Release of their album “positions” followed on November 17 the long-awaited music video for the track, which already
has been streamed over 36 million times on YouTube. But what we all ask ourselves: What does Ariana want us to do with
tell the special track?

The music video could only give us a little tip so far. In this we see Ariana as
Scientist who is inventing a sexy robot, but ultimately turns herself into one. The
Singer convinced again in hot outfits and her unique voice and thus created a new

We took a closer look at the German translation of the song for you. Ariana tells us
of a night that should probably never end and actually you would only have to look for the interpretation of the lyrics
watch the title of the track: 34 + 35 = ? Yes, exactly, 69. The single is therefore not about simple math problems,
but about a wild night with her lover.

With this, Ariana Grande has shown us that she can get out of the innocent shell at the time of ”
Piano” and ”
Just a Little Bit of Your
Heart” and now stands on stage as a self-confident power woman. Songs like ”
positions” and ”
Dangerous Woman” have us this in every way
Case proved and also the new album “positions” shows nothing else.

“34+35” – The video for the song:

Lyrics to “34+35” by Ariana Grande

To the German translation of “34+35”
by Ariana Grande

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