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turi2 in the evening: Bild Live, Business Insider, Ulf Poschardt.

Editors: Eva Casper and Markus Trantow
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Attack on “Anne Will”, mockery for RTL: Claus Strunz presents the program of “Bild TV”.
Taunts at the start of broadcasting: “Bild TV” boss Claus Strunz presents the program of “Bild TV” at the start of broadcast on August 22 in a big interview with Meedia and puts the new station in position against both ARD and RTL. Although even more people would watch “Anne Will” live on Sunday evening than on “Bild TV”, he wants to lure female politicians with the chance of 40 million total reach “on all our platforms”. Strunz believes that the TV offshoot of “Bild” has already changed the television landscape before the launch. Peter Kloeppel tries to be a bit like “Bild Live” with “RTL Aktuell” at 4.45 p.m. “My impression is that RTL is not doing itself and its viewers any favours,” says Strunz.
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“Bachelor” winner and “Celebrity Big Brother” beauty Mimi Gwozdz conquers PLAYBOY with sharp photos. Also in the new edition: Film star Liam Neeson opens his hero’s heart, CDU icon Wolfgang Bosbach draws a personal Merkel balance, and an investigator clarifies about fraud in football.

– NEWS –

Numbers, please: Business Insider Germany, Springer’s news portal for business and digital, will ask users to pay for certain content in the future. “Elaborately researched background articles and exclusive interviews” are now only available for subscribers. Access costs 9.99 euros per month, including the paid content of Gründerszene. In the future, the contents of the international BI editions should also be readable.

Please do not cancel: Anyone who cancels their subscription to “Die Welt” will have to deal with Ulf Poschardt personally, Stefan Niggemeier shows on Twitter. He publishes a video in which the “Welt” editor-in-chief says “Please don’t” and asks subscribers why they want to quit. Poschardt reacts very coolly by sending a subscription link to Niggemeier.
twitter.de (14 sec video)

Time the sustainability department “Zeit Green” will be launched on 9 September. It is to be published daily online and once a month with four pages in the “Zeit”. The print team consists of, among others, Head of Economics Uwe Jean Heuser and Vice President Laura Cwiertnia. Online take over u.a. Luisa Jacobs and Ruth Fend.

Loosens up: News Man Jan Hofer wants to appear on “RTL Direkt” without a tie – “unless it is absolutely necessary”. At the premiere on 16 August, Hofer’s candidate for chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, asks, among other things, about the costs of green politics for the citizens.
rnd.de, wuv.de

FC Bayern and Leonine Studios produce a radio play series for children. Initially, four episodes are about fictitious young talents of the club and their everyday life in the training camp. Premiere is on October 15, by the end of 2022 10 episodes are to be released on CD and on platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music.

AOK is building a central content platform for its almost 27 million insured persons. The budget goes to the software company Scompler. The “Content Command Center” will control AOK’s communication in the future, says Steve Plesker, Managing Director Market and Products at the AOK-Bundesverband.

Daimler Truck intends to go public in 2021 as part of the spin-off of Mercedes-Benz. Truck boss remains Martin Daum, Joe Kaeser becomes chairman of the supervisory board. Daimler Truck pays 48.6 million euros for licensing rights, but also receives a total of 5 billion euros in support from Mercedes-Benz.
handelsblatt.com (Paid)

Deutsche Telekom exceeds the expectations of the stock exchange with its quarterly result and raises the annual forecast. Nevertheless, the Group has to report a minus due to unfavorable exchange rates. Sales fell by 1.7% to EUR 26.6 billion, adjusted Ebitda by 4.2% to EUR 9.4 billion.
handelsblatt.com, manager-magazin.de

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What does journalism have to do today? The Journalism Innovators Program (JIP) of the Hamburg Media School starts with this question at und offers journalists and media professionals a six-month free training course. Topics are innovation, idea, strategy and implementation.
Apply here now!

Most clicked link this morning: ORF Anchor Armin Wolf interviews his future boss, the designated ORF Director General Roland Weissmann – Wikipedia.
tvthek.orf.at (14 min video)


“I often read scripts in which history is trivialized, then Stasi employees are shown as a bit foolish.”

Actor Lars Eidinger is annoyed in an interview with “Playboy” about trivializing depictions of the GDR regime. But he was also “far from” demonizing the system of that time.
shop.playboy.de (Issue 09/2012, Paid)

Wrestling for words: Language is more important for parties today than in previous elections, says linguist Henning Lobin. The CDU deals with language in ten points in the election program, previously there were three. The AfD doubles from eight to 16. Only in the SPD does the number fall from seven to three. Blame the influence of the AfD.

Policy should play a greater role in the election campaign, writes Wolfgang Michal. With the broadcasting fee ruling and the growing media concentration using Bertelsmann as an example, he sees enough topics. Michael suspects that politicians are not interfering because they fear bad press.


Listening Tip: With the incubator Urban-X wants Sarah Schappert Making cities more sustainable. The company, which is docked with the BMW Mini brand, has 66 startups in its portfolio. In Tijen Onaran’s podcast, Schappert raves about the city as the key to a more sustainable life.
audionow.de (28 min audio), urban-x.com

Reading tip: “Horizont” asks the parties about important topics in the communications industry. First, the CDU and CSU answer 17 questions. The Union advocates “more flexibility” for ARD and ZDF in the planning of advertising time. Simplifications in antitrust law are unlikely to be expected.
horizont.net (Paid)

– Picture of the Day –

Migratory bird: A pigeon stands on the deserted platform at Hanover Central Station, while a train can be seen in the background. The train drivers have been on strike since Tuesday evening, many trains are delayed or cancelled. (Photo: Julian Stratenschulte / dpa / Picture Alliance)

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Finally summer, finally the cinemas are open again! Today, for example, the comedy starts “Free Guy”, in which a bank employee learns that he is nothing more than a background character in a brutal open-world video game. More about the film and other theatrical releases in August can be found here.


Dog or cat? The question can be considered answered with regard to advertising: In videos, when a cat plays a role in it, the views increase by a whopping 2,700%, says a study by Sortlist. Dogs with big, sad eyes only look at a retrieval increase of a meager 547.6%. But if they continue to look like this, there will certainly be a treat right away.

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