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Outdoor pool in Kernen: Heaps of feces cause trouble – Rems-Murr-Kreis

The chairwoman Tamara Diebel is annoyed by the heaps of feces. . Photo: Eva Herschmann

In the outdoor pool in Kernen-Stetten, unknown persons have left two piles of feces in the water and at the edge of the pool. Now the Bädlesverein wants to install a surveillance camera.

Cores – A pile of feces was left at the edge of the pool and one in the water. A mess with consequences: Because the bathroom and pool had to be cleaned and the water chlorinated, the Bädle in Stetten remained closed for half the day on Thursday. This not only causes resentment among the bathers and the committed, but also costs the Bädlesverein a lot of money.

A complaint to the police

How much it will be, Tamara Diebel, the chairwoman, can not say. In any case, the association has reported the matter to the police, albeit with little hope of clarification. “However, we are considering whether to buy a camera for nighttime video surveillance.”

It happens from time to time that – presumably young Bädles fans from Stetten – climb over the fence at night to take a cool bath. The dedicated volunteers do not like to see such things, but they can do little about it. “And as long as nothing is broken, that’s all fine,” says Thomas Kubiak. However, it is not at all okay to leave disreputable things on and in the pool, such as the unknown in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. “Someone has emptied his brain,” he says. People are probably not even aware that “such stupidities damage the voluntary work of the association”. In the Bädlesverein, everyone is passionate about it, says Thomas Kubiak. “But something like that deprives you of the desire, and we do all this for the entire population.”

Victims of vandalism

It is also not the first time that the cult bath and thus the Bädlesverein has been the victim of vandalism. In 2019, someone had tried to break open the kiosk. Although nothing was stolen, but after that the club had to purchase new security blinds. “The person was caught because he also joined diakonie Stetten opposite him,” says Thomas Kubiak. Meanwhile, it is rather unlikely that the author or authors of the latest disreputable legacies will be found. “The police said it was still good that we reported it.”

Not only the commitment is trampled underfoot, the club’s coffers are also burdened by the shenancies. After Falk Ray, the water technician, discovered the heaps in his daily routine, he immediately sounded the alarm. The dirt around the pool was quickly removed by the cleaner. The water, however, had to be chlorinated to clean it of the excretions. After that, no one can bathe for a while anyway, explains Thomas Kubiak. “So the Bädle was too until 3 p.m., and that in the most beautiful bathing weather. We also lost revenue.”

Many new members

The association also took less in the past year simply because only members were allowed to go swimming, says Tamara Diebel. “We had no income from the normal bathing operation, the members only pay their club fee. But at least things are going better this summer. In addition, we have many new members and now with 1426 a new high. Maybe also because it wasn’t clear what would happen next with Corona.”

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