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Listen to Lizto’s new single “Rumors” with Cardi B here

“The rumors are true.” Recently, some of them circulated around US rapper Lizzo. Only recently she had to react to the exaggerated insinuation that she had killed a fan at the Stagediven. Also as far as new music of the 33-year-old is concerned, there was wild discussion. Lizzo has been quite reluctant to publish in the last two years.

But that’s over now. After the rapper announced the release of a new single last week (04 August), “Rumors” can be heard since today (13 August). For her first song in almost two years, Lizzo has also brought in prominent reinforcements: rapper Cardi B.

“Good morning Motherf***er”

In recent days, Lizzo had advertised the single intensively on her Instagram account. During her post-offensive, she repeatedly shared posts that showed her in a golden dress and she gave hints about the release of the single. In a post from August 2, Lizzo already announced a “new era” for her upcoming single.

On Monday (August 9), a clip appeared in which the rapper filmed herself at FaceTimen. The screen title “RUMORS’ feat…” already revealed the purpose of the action. When a sleepy Cardi B finally reported at the other end of the line, she was greeted by Lizzo with a heartwarming “Good morning Motherf***er”.

First collaboration between the two

“Rumors” is the first ever collaboration between the two artists. While Cardi B recently made headlines through her collaboration with Normani and Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo has not released any music since her last album CUZ I LOVE YOU.

Both are currently among the most sought-after artists in the US rap scene. Lizzo has already been nominated eight times for the Grammy and won the award for “best contemporary urban album” with her album CUZ I LOVE YOU. Cardi B’s single “Bodak Yellow” has also gone through the roof in recent weeks. Recently, the song cracked the one billion mark on YouTube. The title also earned her diamond status as the first rapper ever.

You can watch the official video for “Rumors” here:

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