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“Doctor Strange 2” with Eva Green? This is what she says about the rumors – Cologne


Eva Green has already worked on several comic book adaptations. In addition, mysterious roles seem to be their showpiece discipline. So it seems to be made for the “Doctor Strange” movies. But is she really playing along?

Meanwhile, it seems to be part of the good tone to speculate about whether famous actors will soon be starring in a Marvel movie. After all, the comic company always hires really big names like Samuel L. Jackson and Angelina Jolie. Especially with the announcement of the fourth phase of the MMC and many new films, there is increasing speculation about the casting of future projects. Now Eva Green was also able to join this exclusive company. It is rumored that she could take on the role of “Nightmare” in the second “Doctor Strange” movie “The Multiverse of Madness”.

The actress reacts to rumors

Eva Green is known to a wide audience from various films from “James Bond: Casino Royal” to “Dumbo”. If you look at their repertoire with the two comic book adaptations “Sin City 2” and “300: Rise of an Empire”, then it is very obvious to speculate about a possible role in a future Marvel movie. Now the actors were asked about the rumors in an interview. After reacting somewhat surprised, she firmly denied it. She jokingly added that she herself at least didn’t know anything about playing in “Doctor Strange 2”. However, she admitted that the humor of the MCU movies was very much to her. So there’s hope she wouldn’t refuse if Marvel offered her a role in the future.

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