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Baldness – or still mat?

In the video for the new song “Papercuts”, a refurbished motorcycle roars over the hilly highway. Behind the handlebar, decorated with archaic primeval animal horns, sits Colson Baker, 31, better known as Machine Gun Kelly. The rock rapper from Houston/Texas, who is also successful in acting, has been built up since 2011/12 on the bad boy label of Sean “Puffy” Combs to the new Eminem.

With his five albums, he belongs to the new US showbiz generation, in which riot, crash and Hollywood glamour go hand in hand. The trade magazine “Body Art Guru” explained in a photo chart list the meaning of his 78 tattoos. The marriage with actress Megan Fox (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) was repeatedly overshadowed by Baker’s drug addiction. Now the upcoming divorce is haunting the gazettes.

A time for the next escalation stage? The singer, who is otherwise present in surfer style with a blond mat, shows up for the release of “Papercut” with a clean-shaven skull, on which a massive black tattoo arrow can be seen. “I shaved my head for that,” Mister Machine Gun announced on Twitter.

But resourceful fans used their skills in terms of “digital forensics” and traced back the traces of the alleged clear-cutting. Diagnosis: On the balding screenshot, an earlier tattoo line around the neck was missing just like other motifs on the collarbone. Conclusion: Even tough guys on Mad Max-like motorcycles use tricky image editing to come across even harder.

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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