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Are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift announcing joint music here?

March 24, 2021 – Stefan Angele

Actually, the two Radio Hamburg megastars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are not really best friends. The quarrel between the two singers goes back several years. In the meantime, however, the two are said to have reconciled. Peace, joy, pancakes, then? Yep, it really looks like that, because Katy Perry now mysteriously oracles about a collaboration between her and Taylor.

Comment on “American Idol”

Of course, there is no official announcement yet, but the fans are still quite sure that they have heard that the two want to work together. Katy Perry is a judge on “American Idol”, the American version of DSDS, and dropped a mysterious sentence in the last episode on Monday (22.03.). Perry responded to two participants who had trouble with each other in the past, then had to work together and delivered a great performance, with the words: “Imagine what Taylor and I could have done together if we had worked together.”

Fans freaked out

It’s actually just this one sentence and an interpretable smile that makes fans freak out now. It would actually not be the first announcement of this kind. Since the two buried their beef in 2019, such rumors have been popping up again and again. Already in May 202 it was said that Taylor could be on Katy Perry’s album “Daisies”, but this was denied before the release of the album even by Katy Perry, who also said that she was always open to a collaboration. Now it actually looks quite good…

The best music by Katy and Taylor

Whether alone or together at some point, you can always listen to the best music from your Radio Hamburg megastars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in the program of Radio Hamburg. So be sure to tune in to not miss any of your favorite mega hits. The easiest way is via the web player at the bottom of the page or the Radio Hamburg App.

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