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New contingents: Buy PS5: Where to get the rare console?

New quotas
Buy PS5: Where to get the rare console?

Since its release, Sony’s PlayStation 5 game console has been sold out almost continuously. Again and again there are new contingents, but the supplies are sold out within minutes. We’ll show you which websites remain exciting for PlayStation fans and where to get the PS5 with a trick.

The PlayStation 5 has almost always sold out since its november 2020 release date. As soon as there are small contingents, they are sold out within seconds. For someone who wants to buy the PS5, it is still an absolute gamble to get hold of one of the in-demand consoles. With a trick you can still get to one at the moment.

Buy PS5: Orders are slowly starting again

Again and again, individual batches of the console appear at specialist dealers. Apparently, however, retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn are also preparing to offer new goods. Announcements should not be expected. When asked, neither Media Markt nor Saturn confirmed new deliveries.

This is not surprising: The providers want to keep the rush to the servers within limits and minimize the danger of so-called scalpers: Buyers who sometimes try to acquire as many consoles as possible in the shortest possible time with technical aids – in order to offer them themselves afterwards with great profit.

Update: PS5 available again in the tariff

First of all, it’s still nearly impossible to get hold of a PS5 at retail. Should all efforts fail, there is occasionally the possibility to buy the console with a contract. Currently, the provider O2 still has a certain console contingent, which can be bought in combination with a flat rate. Specifically, it is the digital version of the PS5 – without a Blu-ray drive. The Sony console costs one euro with the Free-M tariff. The provider puts a second controller on top. These are the details:

  • Flat: Telephony & SMS to all German networks
  • Data: 20 gigabytes LTE with up to 300 Mbit/s
  • Monthly price: 42,99 Euro
  • Duration: at least 24 months
  • One-time costs (connection price + PS5): 5,99 Euro
  • PS5 (regular purchase price): 399 Euro
  • PS5 Controller (regular purchase price): 64,99 Euro

Assessment: If you add up all costs within the minimum term and deduct the value of the PS5 from it, you effectively pay 23.91 euros a month. A pure Allnet-Flat you get for a few euros less. The big advantage here is clearly the PS5 as an encore, because it is only very rarely available.



PS5 Digital with extra controller in the contract

42,99 Euro (monthly effective 23,91 Euro)

To the offer

Where to buy the PlayStation 5: An overview

If you are interested in the PlayStation 5, you should keep an eye on the websites and social media channels of the retailers – and do not hesitate if there is an opportunity to buy. However, you should only strike with reputable providers and not pay more than the RRP of 399.99 euros for the driveless Digital Edition or 499.99 euros for the normal PlayStation 5.

The big retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn will in all likelihood also be supplied with the largest stocks of PS5 consoles.


Sony DualSense Wireless Controller [PlayStation 5]


To the offer

But also with other dealers it is worthwhile to stay constantly up to date. After all, these same providers rushed forward last week.

The links above allow you to access the PlayStation 5 landing pages quickly and in parallel. If you look here regularly, sooner or later you will be one of the lucky owners of a PlayStation 5. Maybe already in the next few days.

Buy playStation 5 accessories and be prepared

Whether you could already buy a PlayStation 5 or are still waiting, a grip on the accessories is definitely worth it. Because even the official headset & Co. are often out of stock.
Sony’s Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is based on the console in its design. According to the manufacturer, the battery of the wireless headphones lasts around twelve hours. The active noise cancellation must be emphasized. According to Sony, the Pulse 3D Wireless is perfectly designed for the 3D sound of the PlayStation 5. But you can also hear it with headsets adifferent manufacturers.

The PlayStation 5 can also be used to watch movies and streaming services. If you do not want to handle the DualSense controller, you can get the media remote control. This is especially advantageous if people who can not do anything with gaming should also operate the PlayStation 5.

Game selection for the PlayStation 5

Truly exclusive games for the PlayStation 5 are still rare, most of them are also available for the PlayStation 4. In general, you should keep in mind that almost all games of the PS4 also work on the PS5. In some cases, they get an update to benefit from the power of the new Sony console.

A true PS5 exclusive is Demon’s Souls, the acclaimed remake of a hard-hitted fantasy game originally released for the PlayStation 3. “Demon’s Souls” looks great and is praised by fans and critics. But beware, the level of difficulty is very high. But also the feeling of reward when you fight dragons, monsters and undead.


Demon’s Souls – [PlayStation 5]

€69.00 €79.99

To the offer

If you’ve always wanted to get in the wheel of a rally car, you can’t avoid “Dirt 5”. The racing game lets the player start on 70 tracks at ten locations across the globe and master various racing disciplines.

Comic book hero Spider-Man is not Peter Parker in this adventure, but his student Miles Morales, who takes his first spider steps as a hero in the New York district of Harlem. The Ultimate Edition of the game brings as a bonus the complete predecessor game “Spider-Man Remastered”.


ps5 buy spider-man.jpg

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Ultimate Edition)


To the offer

Another exclusive game for PlayStation 5 is Godfall. Here you slip into the role of a fantasy knight and fight your way through a visually stunning fantasy world in order to gain better and better equipment and become stronger and stronger. “Godfall” convinces more by visual value than by playful depth, but is also already reduced.

The “Assassin’s Creed” game series is now world-famous and has already been filmed in the cinema. In the current part “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” the player plays a Viking who sails with his crew to England to build a new home there. The epic features fantastic graphics and a wide, open game world full of battles and adventures.


ps5 buy assassins creed.jpg

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

€48.99 €69.99

To the offer

With this foundation you are perfectly equipped when it has finally worked out to buy the PlayStation 5.

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