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Locations: A holiday is possible in these film sets

A holiday is possible in these film sets

Castle Ward in Northern Ireland served in "Game of Thrones" as a backdrop for Winterfell.

Castle Ward in Northern Ireland served as the setting for Winterfell in “Game of Thrones”.

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To be very close to his film heroes? Sometimes this is possible. Because some film sets of famous productions are now holiday homes.

Many film fans dream of being close to their heroes. One option is to visit the filming locations of your favorite movies. Some are even offered for overnight stays. Fans of the “Harry Potter” series, the series “Game of Thrones” or the “Star Wars” universe will get their money’s worth in these accommodations.

Harry Potter’s parental home

Not only children devoured the seven “Harry Potter” volumes in the 2000s. Adults also lost themselves in the world of the magic student. The film adaptations with Daniel Radcliffe (32), Rupert Grint (32) and Emma Watson (31) attracted millions of viewers to cinemas worldwide. In the last two parts “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” the former home of the Potters can be seen.

The enchanting house is located in the tranquil village of Lavenham, in the British county of Suffolk. In the film, Lavenham served as the setting for the fictional small town of Godric’s Hollow. Both the Potters and Albus Dumbledore lived there. Fans have to pay 218 euros for an overnight stay on the online booking platform Airbnb.

A night in Winterfell

Walk through the glorious walls of Winterfell? This is possible in Strangford in Northern Ireland. Castle Ward served as the filming location for the Residence of the Stark family in the first season of the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones”. On the historic farm there is a stone house, which is rented as a holiday apartment. According to the provider, the price for two nights is 278 euros.

Bella Swan’s house in “Twilight”

The love story between the clumsy 17-year-old Bella Swan and the vampire Edward Cullen made millions of teen hearts beat faster. The book series by author Stephenie Meyer (47) was filmed with Kristen Stewart (31) and Robert Pattinson (35) in the leading roles. Bella lives with her father Charlie (Billy Burke, 54) in Forks, a small town in the US state of Washington. But for the home of the two, a pretty cottage in St. Helens, Oregon, was used. If you want to feel like Bella: It can be rented via Airbnb.

Visit Luke Skywalker’s home

The “Star Wars” series was filmed all over the world. Tunisia, for example, served as a backdrop for the desert planet Tatooine. In the house where Luke Skywalker grew up, fans can stay overnight. The Hotel Sidi Idriss served as a backdrop, which still receives guests today. Located in the southern city of Matmata, many “Star Wars” fans make the pilgrimage to the famous filming location every year.

How James Bond spends the night in “Casino Royale”

British secret agent James Bond likes to stay in the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world during his dangerous adventures. In “Casino Royale” 007 alias Daniel Craig (53) stayed at the “Splendide” in Montenegro. But in truth, the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary could be seen. But that’s not all: the Czech luxury accommodation also served as a model for the “Grand Budapest Hotel” in the film of the same name.


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